Let There Be Light, Let There Be Love, Let There Be Music

As with many people, a large part of getting into the Advent season for me is getting into music. I have really been blessed by being a part of my church’s chancel and men’s choirs this year, as we’re singing some really great stuff. [I even got tabbed to do a solo, which is still blowing my mind a little bit. I was an all-state singer for several years when I was in middle and high school, but I haven’t done much with my voice since, and I don’t feel like I’ve really used the gift God gave me to sing well in that time. Anyhow.]

However, I’m really writing today to pass along the great Christmas music I’m into this year:

  1. Over The Rhine’s The Darkest Night of the Year. This is a great little album, as close to a Midwestern Christmas as I’ve ever found. This album is meant to evoke strong memories of Linford Detweiler’s youth, and it definitely evokes memories of mine. You can order The Darkest Night of the Year from Paste Magazine. If you need a reason to check it out, give “Mary’s Waltz” a listen, or maybe try out “Thank You My Angel”. [Too bad it’s not “Amelia’s Last”, which is my favorite off the disc this Advent season.
  2. My friend Sarah Haas pointed me to three Christmas recordings put out in MP3 by Sufjan Stevens. These are recordings that he did for friends and family, and for what I know, they’re stuff he’s happy to have out there and have folks listening to it. I have been greatly blessed by Sufjan’s music this year—much as I was by Over The Rhine last year; again, thanks, Jeff!—and I really love what he’s done with these songs.

What music are you listening to in this Advent season?


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