Bah Humbug to the “Happy Holidays” Haters

Apparently, this is the year that the Religious Right decided to adopt the Left’s victimization ethos and complain about the “war on Christmas”.

Honestly, unless Christmas displays in and outside our houses of worship and our individual homes are suddenly banned, I really don’t give a damn what secular society does. Secular society has made the Christmas season into its own retail cash cow, setting up their money-changing tables in the temple of our Advent season. However, they’re not setting up those temples in the actual Temple—nor should we let them.

My friend Kari noted in a discussion we were having about this phenomenon that she and her husband, the studious Mike, don’t really have the angst that some of our peers seem to have:

We have TiVo, so we never see commercials, and we don’t spend much time shopping, so I think we miss out on a lot of the ads and consumerism. I met some friends at the mall yesterday, and it was the first time I’d been to the mall since . . . the summer, maybe. I don’t think it’s that hard to avoid the consumerism.

Frankly, I’m with them. Yes, I take the local paper, but I ignore the ads. Being a Web-head has helped me to just tune that stuff out. I toss the circulars aside, mainly [I keep the one for Kroger because it’s just down the road from me … but I never remember to clip the coupons, heh]. I think we can ignore the commercialization if we’re willing to just not consider it a part of the season.

The other half of it is this: we act like we’re the only ones with a holiday this time of year. The Jews celebrate Hannukah in December as well—would we want stores telling us, “Happy Hannukah!”? I rather doubt it. Say what you want about Kwanzaa, too, but … it’s been made legitimate by the fuss people make about it. Personally, I don’t make any note of it, but then I expect that most non-Christians make little note of anything really having to do with Christmas.

Lastly, I don’t really care if someone who’s out serving money is wishing me a Merry Christmas. I’d rather that such wishes come from those who remember that, in three or four months, we have to celebrate all the horrible pain of Easter, too—and how Death has lost its sting. Sure, the moneymakers have made that be about money, too, but … it’s just a stupid bunny.

Me, I’ve got bigger things to be pissed off about than this…


  1. I’ve been thinking about making this same rant for a few weeks now.

    I just keep thinking that the Christmas that is ‘under attack’ and that ‘needs to be defended’ is the very same one that we have to remind ourselves, as Christians, is not the reason for the season. It is the secular side of Christmas that is under attack… the religious side already has, for the most part (and really as it should be), been removed from the public/govt realm.

    Many tend to think of Christmas as a universal time of love and giving and good will…. which it can be. But it is also a celebration of a phenomenal event, God chosing to leave Heaven and be born as a man.

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