The Incarnation Is Just the Beginning

As Kari notes, the Incarnation of Jesus is just the beginning:

Every year during Lent (at other times, too, but especially during Lent), I try to remember that, as these verses say, Jesus came and suffered and is able to help us as we are being tempted. That he was like us in every way, and that we can bring our struggles before him. That he understands and will not reject us. That he is not ashamed of us, despite our faults. The Incarnation means not only that Jesus came here to earth as a child but also that he lived here just as we do, as the song says, “Like a child born to pray and to show us the way, like a child here to stay, Jesus comes.” I am thankful to have a God who understands the struggles I experience because he actually walked this earth, and who, as the scripture says, by his life and death set us free from the power of death. It’s not just the birth and the death that are important – the life of Christ, the way he shared in our humanity for our sake, his teachings and example, are important, too. This year I’m trying to remember to focus on Jesus’ life not just at Lent, but also at Christmas, and at all the times in between.

All too often, I find myself focusing on either Jesus’s birth or His work on the Cross. There’s so much in the middle to be savored. As I find myself in post-Christmas doldrums, I think I should go read some parables tonight…