Looking Forward to Looking Back

2005 was a big year of transitions for me. If you’d told me a year ago today that I’d be sitting in my first house typing this entry, I would have laughed at you. I probably would have laughed harder if you’d told me that I would have moved from Huntsville and over into Madison. I have become what I used to mock.

This year also saw me change congregations and move my membership. My old church, Aldersgate UMC, was the one I’d been a member of the longest in my life. It was hard in many ways to leave that church, but I think that the move has ultimately been good for me. I’ve heard a little about some of the changes in the ministries I was involved in there since I left, and … I’m sad for the changes.

I look forward to looking back on this time of my life, hoping that the changes that I’ve made have been good ones. I’m sure that God will work good out of my bad choices, and any good choices I’ve made are simply to His credit and not my own.

Friend, I hope the New Year, 2006, treats you well.