My Need for Community

“If you have six people on you all the time, you cannot hide from anything.” — Janelle, The Real World: Key West

When I think about how I live alone, and how it’s dangerous for me to do that, I think about all the bad behaviors that I have that are reinforced by my living status. From using the solitude as sanctuary from judgment to the dangers of being alone in my own echo chamber, it’s just clearly a bad situation. It’s something that I’m going to work to resolve. [Read: recognizing that there’s an issue, I’m going to work to get a roommate.]

The interesting thing to me is that I bought this house from my friend PJ. PJ is the same guy who, seven years ago, I argued with to take me in as a roommate because he needed community before he went and got married. [Mind you, this was before he even got engaged to his now-wife, but it was just quite clear to me that they’d get married.]

Nothing profound here, really … just my realization for the day.

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