Revision and Extension

In the grand tradition of Congress, I want to revise and extend my remarks from Wednesday

So, gentle reader, I urge you to consider Christ’s words here, echoed by me: if you’re going to fast from something for the Lenten season, keep it between you and God. I’m not quite convinced that fasting stores up treasures in heaven, but I am convinced that it can put us in the proper frame of mind for doing good works in Christ’s name and through His ability, which certainly does.

The “… keep it between you and God …” bit is what I want to discuss here. After discussing the silence of this topic with my friend Kari, I came around to her way of seeing things, which is that it would be good to discuss such things inside a community of believers. In fact, it’s probably a good idea to do so, assuming that you can all keep each other in check to keep from puffing up.

I’m confident that I could do this with my present congregation; I loved Larry’s sermon on Wednesday night about how we need to be real with each other about our sinful nature. It was a real and honest sermon, which is all I’ve come to expect from him. Thankfully, I’ve been able to find a succession of churches that don’t buy into “feel-good” Christianity that comes dangerously close to heresy and apostasy.

I’d like to thank Kari for being unafraid to challenge me on this.