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I hadn’t sung with our men’s ensemble for a month! I was sick two weeks in a row, and then we sacrificed practice last week for Ash Wednesday service. Needless to say, I was really missing singing with the men.

Our group is an interesting mix—the tenors are mostly 40-50-ish guys, with one high school guy as a second. We have a father-son pairing for our two baritones, and then the three basses are myself, Steve, and Stephen. Stephen’s 16; Steve’s probably in his late 40s. Steve wasn’t there tonight, but there was discussion of who had bought out his company and that he still had a job. Come to find out, he’s a Ph.D. in a field that my friend Stephen Granade relates quite closely to … now I have to wonder if they know each other. 🙂

In the Venn diagrams that constantly map relationships inside my head, this is the smallest group at my church. I cherish my time with them, and it’s truly a joy to sing and fellowship with them.

Now, if I can only work myself back down to the off-the-bass-clef E that I used to hit so well in high school …