Geof’s New Music: 29 Oct-4 Nov 2006

I’m only going to add one new release to the pile this week, and that’s mainly because I expect that I won’t have much time for listening to music:

Last week, I gloated a bit:

  • One Zero (acoustic) One Zero (acoustic). I really love the sound on this one, and my copy is un-mastered. Understanding that it’s a quasi-best-of release designed to hold fans over until the next studio album comes out, it’s still quite good; I knock off a whole star because it’s a re-tread, and it gets three-and-a-half out of five. The real, mastered thing will probably get four stars from me.
  • One Zero (remix) One Zero (remix). I … sort of get it, but I feel like this isn’t really Derek, that it’s Derek through someone else’s filter. Now, while I See Things Upside Down saw Derek do a lot of experimentation with his musical sound—he was accused by many (including me, at times) of ripping of Wilco, but you’ve also got to admit that there are influences from Beck, too—this is far above and beyond. As a novelty, it’s worth having if, like me, you do have a little bit of a taste for electronic music but don’t live in that world. If electronic music does nothing for you, and if it also does a lot for you, you’ll actually probably want to stay away from this—I have the feeling that anything more than casual familiarity with the form will have you form strong opinions on this one. I’m giving it two-and-a-half stars, although the finished product could have me revising that score.