Rescue Me Gets Fifth Season!

After how the fourth season went, I wasn’t sure if Rescue Me would get another season. After all, every other season had seen a renewal before the previous one was finish, and then we went a few months before we heard anything about the show’s future. In that time, Andrea Roth has joined Lost [and has also done some guest starring work on Numb3rs]. But indeed, Rescue Me has gotten a fifth season, with a 22-episode order. It remains to be seen whether or not the 22 episodes will be aired at once or in two distinct seasons, as FX did with The Shield.

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  1. when exactly does the 5th season of Rescue me start? i could have sworn that i saw a commercail sayin it will be on FX May 24th, but it wasnt on.
    Please let me know when it starts, thank you.

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