Best Bootlegs of 2007, Part Two

Yesterday was the old stuff, today’s the new stuff. Again, I’m tempted to just have the one bootleg on the list, the #1, because nothing else is even close, man.

  1. Wilco in Brooklyn on 26 Jun. Fred Wilson raved about this show, and he was right to do so. It’s the best-sounding Wilco bootleg I have, and the energy from the crowd is just excellent—rowdy in the right parts, silent in the right parts. Excellent. Almost as good as being there.
  2. Jeff Tweedy in Winnetka, Illinois on 3 Mar. The rest of the for-charity house shows that Jeff did sucked from a recording perspective. This … did not. It’s a huge bootleg—82 tracks, with over half of them between-song rambling or ensemble changes—but the people who fill in don’t suck, and for the most part, they let Jeff be Jeff.
  3. The Decemberists - 20070327 - cover The Decemberists in Upper Darby, Pennsylvania on 27 Mar. There were many good Decemberists bootlegs in my hands this year, but this is the one that certainly sounded the best. Great crowd, too.
  4. Feist in New York on 12 Jun 2007. The Messiah College show is a close second, but this had more five-star ratings. And yes, I loved Feist before the ubiquitous iPod commercials showed up. This is the show that made me buy Leslie’s albums. [Proving that us Internet freeloaders do buy music.]
  5. 20071108 - Derek Webb - coverDerek Webb in Raleigh, North Carolina on 8 Nov. Neil McLamb always does a good job with his recordings, and Derek sounded really great that night … buoyed by seeing his song “Name” on Grey’s Anatomy right as the show began. [No, really, they put it up on a screen over the stage, showed the scene live, then played the song.] A cool moment for a good friend.

I’m still working on my lists for the studio releases. Be up later this week. 🙂