Starting Over, Again

I’m a fan of starting over … beginning anew … trying again. I think that it’s one of those important things that we do in life.

As a result, I’m starting over here. I’ve never been a great adherent to the what-goes-where school of thought with managing all these Weblogs, partially because I’ve never had great focus for any one of them. I’ve been thinking about what I do [and don’t do] here in this space, and I think I’ve finally found a focus: looking forward, looking back.

This certainly means that some of the entries will stay. Some of them, though, need to go, to be moved other places. I’ll accomplish that in the next week or so, powered by some SQL-fu and some awesomeness thanks to John Godley’s Redirection plugin for WordPress.

Thanks for the patience and for being a part of it.