Tags, No Nested Categories, and Imports

A few things have been going on behind the scenes:

  1. I’ve been categorizing the As-Yet Unfiled Entries over the last month. I’ll finish next week. I finally made it happen by just putting a recurring task in Tasks Pro to do 15 a day. I started with 450+ and am now down to 90. 29 Jan: DONE! 😀
  2. I killed the nested categories today. Took a lot of SQL to map nested categories back to their parents, then create tags with WP’s category-to-tag converter. Sucked having to do that by hand, though. One would think that the category-to-tag importer would have an option for doing just that in the conversion; most people that had nested categories, like me, would probably go to the device of parent category as category, child categories as tags. Meh.
  3. I’ve been moving some stuff over from GFMorris.com. That took more SQL-fu, but I finally had an a-ha moment with joins today. I mean, I generated a working join on my own. It was a nice moment to understand WTF the syntax was doing for once.

Been a good thing to occupy time during conference calls today…