No Future Support for Junk Mail Scripting

My Lion-ready scripts for routing junk mail to the FTC’s site still work, but I have a high crash rate when using Mail Act-On 3.x to initiate that script.  The crash logs say that MAO is to blame for the crash, and perhaps that is so.  But it also feels like I’m screaming into the void here with the spam reporting, and so I will no longer be updating these scripts.  They are provided as-is from the July 2011 release.

You are free to use them as you see fit, and if you want to update, upgrade, and publish them, that’s great!  All I ask is that you link to at least one of the posts here.  People do land here on Google, and so I’d like to keep that chain unbroken.  When I see incoming link traffic, I’ll make a link to your site so people know that there is indeed a future for them; you may also let me know via email.  It’s been a good run.  I originally released this script in 2007.

If you’re curious, all I’m doing is culling ham out of the spam folder using Fastmail’s Web interface, and I’m filing all known-bad messages in that ConfirmedJunk folder that I mentioned in the previous posts.  Those are simple commands for a batch of messages.  I really wish that I had a way to easily pull ham out of the Fastmail junk folder without using the Web interface, but they’re seemingly not set up for that.  It doesn’t take that long to fire up Fastmail in a browser, so I’m just dealing with it.