links for 2010-10-13

  • "I think WordPress and Drupal are both heading in that direction [towards a Perfect CMS] — they just had different starting points. WordPress started with good usability, but a limited architecture and feature set. Drupal started with a strong architecture, but a very developer-centric user experience. But WordPress has  been steadily improving its architecture. And Drupal has been working on its UI. They had different origins, and they have taken different paths, but they are both evolving towards CMS Nirvana. And we users get to ride along."

links for 2010-10-05

  • "Are your adjectives earning their keep? When you write — whether it’s press releases, software manuals, novels, blog entries or academic papers — be sure that you’re  not throwing in words that up the count without adding substance."
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  • "I don’t know what will happen if I shuffle off my mortal coil today. I just don’t. Now some people will tell you this is the perfect time to get right with God. But I’ve always thought last minute conversions were lame – like hitting the brakes when you see a cop. You do it because you’re scared of your insurance rates going up, not because you want to do the right thing. Do people honestly believe that an all-knowing Deity isn’t going to be hip to their bullshit?"

I do feel like I do, and I don't doubt the sincerity of death-bed conversions, but I do think that Steve nails it here.
  • "[B]laming technology for horrendous, violent displays of homophobia or racism or simple meanness lets adults like parents and teachers absolve themselves of the responsibility to raise kids free from these evils. By creating language like "cyberbullying", they abdicate their own role in the hateful actions, and blame the (presumably mysterious and unknowable) new technologies that their kids use for these awful situations."
  • OMGWTF?! your favourite website has just changed feature X, added something over here and removed something from over there. Or even, gasp, redesigned the whole site.

    “Why, as a (paying) customer wasn’t I asked?” Alternatively “Can’t you just give us the option to continue using the old version, it’s just a check-box and you have all the old code anyway. I manage the Databases for my company so I know its not that hard!”

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  • The trope will come out that high-income Americans are the business owners who pay salaries, and that raising their taxes will hurt small businesses, etc. Can anyone actually point to a study that shows that higher taxation rates retard small business growth? I'd like to see it. I bought trickle-down economics in my younger days, but I just can't see any evidence that it works in practice. What does work, in my mind, is a balanced budget, and you can't get to that balanced budget if you're continually cutting taxes.
  • "Remember how people made fun of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates for banning Blackberries because RIM refused to allow them to control and monitor their users’ online activities? Well, the Obama administration is going to submit a bill that would require RIM and every other company providing communications software to include loopholes that enable the US to tap into them as well."