Moving Forward, Looking Backward, Running Sideways

I surprise myself sometimes with the way I act in a large group. I can both be Mr. Introvert and Mr. Extrovert. Anyone who’s ever gone bowling with me knows that I am usually E to the max there–people on other lanes look at me and shake their heads when I do something stupid, like Sumo Bowling or Snap Count Bowling. I usually infect other people with my taunting and nutty antics.

Then there’s time like last night at Casa de Wondergeeken, where I sat in a director’s chair off to myself in the corner. Sure, I made snide comments about both Blade and The Mummy, but a lot of that is a defense mechanism for me when seeing blood, etc. [Hint: I’m not a huge fan of gore, whether bloody or Al or Tipper.] But I sat off in the corner viewing everyone.
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Final Look at Last Fall

Well, I’ve finally looked at last fall’s grades. Many of you who know me know that it really was the semester from hell. But I have motivation to go forward now.

1. My GPA is still above a 3.0. Barely. I mean, barely. I actually have to work to pull it up this semester, but that should be easy, with MAE 488 being not too tough and two 100-level librul arts classes to slag through. Should be a nice 4.0 summer, which would mark the second time I’ve done that.

2. I will graduate from UAH with 156 hours, only 116 of which actually have a grade attached to them. Thank you, MSMS.

3. Looking at how bad my GPA was last semester, I have motivation to kick ass. Actually, I’m pretty angry with myself for shutting down last semester as I write this and think back. I was actually coping with it all through September and early October. It was in mid-October that I pretty well gave up and packed it in. I really don’t know why.

I know part of it was the stress relieving from me when my mom got out of the hospital. I know another part of it was the realization that engineering isn’t the be-all, end-all for me. But the big frustration for me is that I’d had a string of several really-good semesters since my fourth one at UAH, Spring ’99, where I hit a nice apathetic funk. Last semester royally screwed that up, and with some easy and fun classes left to finish my degree [21 hours and counting!], I’m damned near home free. I’d really like to finish that string up with a 4.0 this semester followed on by a 3.5+ next spring [I’ll be realistic–Stability and Control is kinda tough, and I have all my design hours then, too].

But other than as a motivational tool, this is the last time I’m worrying about last fall. What’s past is past, and life ain’t no rear view mirror. Full speed ahead.

Dead Man Flying

I love Tony Kornheiser. Liberal as hell, a schmuck and a putz, but I love the guy. Here’s his take on the guy who died while flying from Bali to Hawaii. It’s a sad story, but leave it to TK to make it laughable.

Enough with Reagan-philia!

It’s gone too far. It’s gone far too freakin’ far. George Will blasts the Reagan-philes in his usual erudite way.

Mind you, I think pretty highly of Reagan–in my thought process that politicians should have a few simple, core beliefs that they govern from and never but never stray–but talk of putting a “Reagan Memorial” on the Mall? Please. Reagan goes as either the best or second-best president post-WWII [obviously, Kennedy would be the alternative in that discussion], but did either irretrievably and irrevocably change the American landscape? Not really. Now Roosevelt, yes, did, but only in cementing the concept of entitlement in the American mindset. Were the man not dead, I think I would cause him great harm for that…


What the … [expletive deleted–this is a family site]. JPL’s new “neatness” policy has to be the biggest load of crap I’ve heard from NASA in ages.

I mean, really. Engineers are more productive in messy environments. Why? They aren’t spending time cleaning up all the [-ed-] that Pointy Haired Bosses give to them! GAOHGOQIHEGOPQIE:OQHGOQIH!

Okay, I’ve had a bad, bad day at work, and now this. Time to go home and not worry about it any more.

We Don’t Need No Education

We may not need education in Alabama, but, by God, we need a new danged highway.

Yes, this will greatly benefit West Alabama. This is near and dear to me–my family lives in WAla. But seriously, with our schools shot to hell and back, do we need to spend $1.5B to build a highway? Where will the money come from, Don? Is your no new taxes pledge–even in the face of growing support to raise taxes to pay for education–going to go away because, like all corruption in Alabama and the SE US in general for road building, you can make money from this?