Gitmo Releases in Offing

Of all the questionable post-9/11 acts perpetrated by the Bush Administration [which I generally support but can specifically criticize], the curious detention of folks at Guantanamo Bay Naval Base was the one that always had me feeling uneasy. The detainees were treated as, essentially, stateless persons, given little in the way of civil rights. I… Continue reading Gitmo Releases in Offing

Food For Thought

On average, human pregnancies last nine months. Therefore, kids born today were probably conceived on or about a day we’re all tired of hearing about. What a difference, eh?


Well, I realized that I woke up this morning much as I did six months ago … awake early with a headache, then back to sleep for a bit, waking up around 7:30 and hauling off to the shower around 7:45. I couldn’t bring myself to turn the TV off. I feared another disaster should… Continue reading Harumph.

One Hour In …

We’re on edge. I had to be the bearer of bad news for today’s airplane crash to Amy and John via ICQ and AIM. My TV was on in my office before I could even get here. We know the drill. Assuming that this is just a plane crash–and it’s amazing that we can call… Continue reading One Hour In …


Well, Rummy sez our boys are in there now. Hell, we have to be sure that we’ve had liaisons on the ground for some time. Nam started out the same way: liaisons, bombing. Though Powell has his Doctrine, I’m not sure what it is here. To solve the problem of terrorists using Afghanistan as a… Continue reading Parallels

Is bin Laden a Clancy Fan?

With the report that Osama bin Laden may have cashed in on financial instability last week in foreign markets, I really gotta think about the devastation written about by Tom Clancy in Debt of Honor and Executive Orders. What a mess … and life can imitate art.