Ripping CDs and Making FLACs and MP3s

So much of this site is notes to my future self … You use XLD to rip. You configure XLD like HydrogenAudio says to configure it. You use XACT to transcode. I write this note so I don’t have to bother Hunter next time.

Who knew that my white screens weren’t hardware-induced but rather an artifact of never wiping and reinstalling a machine that I’d been carrying over for six or seven years, from my first mini until now?! I’ve been down six months because I was convinced that it was hardware.

Heartbleed Hell

Like a lot of people, I’ve been affected by the Heartbleed bug.  Most frustrating to me is that I got to spend a couple of hours on Tuesday afternoon futzing about with SSL certificates to make sure that I wasn’t vulnerable to the attack. I’m taking a little free time on Friday afternoon to do… Continue reading Heartbleed Hell

When to back up

What I really want is for my online backup systems to be smart. If I’m off of my home networks, I should be allowed to say, “Don’t back up again until I get home,” rather than having to look at the three services I now use and say, “Pause for N minutes.” I forgot this… Continue reading When to back up

No Really, Be Serious About Backups

Your filesystem’s job is to know where the data is on your disk. Just as it is important to back up your data, it’s also important to know that your computer knows where it is, for two reasons: 1) you need to be able to access the data and 2) you need to be able to back up that data. If your filesystem stops doing its job flawlessly, you are on the road to being screwed.

I was on that road, cruising at highway speed. Backups kept me from crashing and burning.

Be Serious About Backups

Remember when I wrote in 2011 about how I back up my Macs?  Remember how that was an update on my backup setup from 2009, which added off-site backup?  Remember how that was influenced by John Siracusa on Hypercritical? Well, I started backing up to Amazon’s AWS Glacier a few months ago using Arq, which… Continue reading Be Serious About Backups