No Really, Be Serious About Backups

Your filesystem’s job is to know where the data is on your disk. Just as it is important to back up your data, it’s also important to know that your computer knows where it is, for two reasons: 1) you need to be able to access the data and 2) you need to be able to back up that data. If your filesystem stops doing its job flawlessly, you are on the road to being screwed.

I was on that road, cruising at highway speed. Backups kept me from crashing and burning.

My iTunes Smart Playlists

I’m going to take a brief respite from rattling off my 2006 New Year’s Resolutions to kick off my Best Practices category with an entry about the iTunes Smart Playlists I use while seeding Last.FM with data. This is based largely on the playlists that Dougal Campbell shared long ago when I discussed iTunes re-rating… Continue reading My iTunes Smart Playlists