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15 guys under the radar :: Blogs :: CCHA Blog :: U.S. College Hockey Online (tags: gfmorris_comment) Southern Belle Makes The Climb: NSOS: Act 3 — Set Change (tags: gfmorris_comment) multitudes. – Through a Glass, Darkly (tags: gfmorris_comment) Easy DIY Plans for Parson Style Desk like West Elm’s — Ana White (tags: to_build desk)

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The Weepies Live at El Rey Theatre on 2010-10-10 : Free Download & Streaming : Internet Archive (tags: etree_torrents the_weepies los_angeles california)

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WordPress and Drupal: Convergence? "I think WordPress and Drupal are both heading in that direction [towards a Perfect CMS] — they just had different starting points. WordPress started with good usability, but a limited architecture and feature set. Drupal started with a strong architecture, but a very developer-centric user experience. But WordPress has  been steadily… Continue reading links for 2010-10-13

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Build Your Own Office – Cubby Bookcases for the Project Table — Ana White (tags: to_build) PLANS: Wall Bookshelves, Store Anything! Build from Scraps! — Ana White (tags: bookshelves to_build) 50 hats: Done! | Live Granades Watching Misty crank these out at a high rate really was quite cool. (tags: gfmorris_comment)

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Rex Hammock's » Blog Archive » Rex Answers: To find something on, use Google You can tell a lot about what a company’s business objectives are by the way they answer the questions you ask. (tags: apple google)

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Class | Flickr – Photo Sharing! You blow a snot rocket on our ice, and our photographer will fuck you up. (tags: gfmorris_comment)

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Street life. – Through a Glass, Darkly (tags: gfmorris_comment) How to render a press release tolerable | The Reinvigorated Programmer "Are your adjectives earning their keep? When you write — whether it’s press releases, software manuals, novels, blog entries or academic papers — be sure that you’re  not throwing in words that up the count… Continue reading links for 2010-10-05