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Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com » Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com :: 4 Years Truly an ask-and-ye-shall-receive experience; Jeremy is now publishing full-content feeds at my request! W00t! (tags: gfmorris_comment) :: EzTorrent v0.5.3 :: Torrent details for “Uncle Tupelo, 3/24/94, Chicago” Uncle Tupelo concert bootleg from 24 Mar 1994. (tags: dad_torrent uncle_tupelo) :: EzTorrent v0.5.3 :: Torrent details for “Modest Mouse… Continue reading links for 2006-01-23

links for 2006-01-22

Scott Sanders :: blog :: Back, and Thanks (tags: gfmorris_comment) House of Cakeboy » Blog Archive » the next album I’ll have to buy (tags: gfmorris_comment) compulsive compartmentalization » morning musings (tags: gfmorris_comment) not another blog. » Blog Archive » Joel Osteen: An Enemy of the Gospel? (tags: gfmorris_comment) Through a Glass, Darkly » A… Continue reading links for 2006-01-22