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Apple Keyboard (Aluminum) keycap removal | skeltoac So happy to have found this—my right option key was gunked up. (tags: apple keyboard)

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Reality Shows That Would OWN Me | (tags: gfmorris_comment) 30 words about Jenn (tags: gfmorris_comment)

links for 2010-09-29 – Victims of economic restructuring are people too "At this point, if the economy changed and the need for software developers evaporated, I would have no prospect of finding any other job near my current level of compensation. I’ve spent my entire career getting better at building applications to the neglect of nearly every… Continue reading links for 2010-09-29

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Caedmon's Call Live at Taylor University on 2000-05-19 : Free Download & Streaming : Internet Archive (tags: caedmons_call upland indiana)

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15 – Elsewhere in Dreams (tags: gfmorris_comment) | Community Tracker – Details for torrent "Avett Brothers 2010-09-25 – Crossroads KC – Kansas City, MO" (tags: etree_torrents avett_brothers kansas_city missouri)

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How to Replace a Dryer Belt : How-To : DIY Network I need to replace mine … (tags: home_maintenance dryer) Without Geometry, Life is Pointless: Habits of Mind "Here's the current version of the mathematical habits of mind I think are important.  I hope to explore (in varying depths) every one of these and have… Continue reading links for 2010-09-26

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15 – Elsewhere in Dreams (tags: gfmorris_comment) Rex Hammock's » Blog Archive » I blog because I’m a defensive pessimist (tags: gfmorris_comment) The little I lost in gaining sight (tags: gfmorris_comment) The Grue We Knew | Live Granades (tags: gfmorris_comment) Also I Soon Expect Him to Have Followers | Live Granades (tags: gfmorris_comment)… Continue reading links for 2010-09-25

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Casa De Morrill » Blog Archive » The Brewing Cycle But what this post told me is that Sean is still jealous of The Nook. (tags: gfmorris_comment) My Dragon*Con 2010 Experience | Live Granades Yes, I went there. 😉 (tags: gfmorris_comment)

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Reader Feedback: Moo Card Edition | (tags: gfmorris_comment) The Facebook Reckoning – Anil Dash "Because, let's be clear, Facebook is philosophically run by people who are extremists about information sharing. Though I choose to talk about my politics, or my identity, or my medical history or my personal relationships, I can do so primarily… Continue reading links for 2010-09-16