No Sleep

Dangit, I can’t sleep. Amy told me to go to bed half an hour ago after causing trouble on geek-chick with her and Brad.

But I found a Cheers marathon, and now I’ve seen a commercial for the, I kid you not, eBay play at home auction game.

I love Cheers, and only that is salving the wounds of eBay having a freaking board game.

With Rage Gone, I Quietly Wait

Todd said I needed out of Huntsville. Nah, dude, I just needed some sleep.

I got back from church this morning a little after 8:00 a.m. Todd had just arisen due to a phone call for Blake, and after dealing with that, was maintaining his Saturday morning ritualistic PlayStation gaming. [Yeah, man, it’s back at Blockbuster.] I smiled, nodded, and decided I was heading back to bed.
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They Just Don’t Get It.

-sigh- I lead a small group for senior high kids at church on Wednesday nights. The topic of discussion was obvious. Below are some quotes [well, paraphrases], without attribution, followed by my more reasonable thoughts today. This is as much for me as it is you; I pretty well lost control of that group last night. [They’re very talkative and prone to getting sidetracked in the first place, but man, it was … spastic last night.]
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Now This Is Depressing…

I decided to look up a bunch of crazy Osama bin Laden-related domains on Here’s one that I’m really shocked that I even viewed:

If you go check the records, you find out that this was registered yesterday at around 2:30 EDT. What a bunch of crazies–both those who built the site and those who’re hitting it like madmen.

I’m all for prosecuting Osama to the fullest extent of a Fuel-Air Explosive [FAE], but really, people.

I don’t know that I’d link to craziness like this normally, but some small part of me says, “History needs to know about the stupid people that do stuff like this.” If you want to fire this guy an email or an angry phone call, you can start looking here. Yeesh.

Potential Upside for Todd

Well, apparently Todd’s had enough of being a poor schmuck and wants to work for a living. Once the Army Corps of Engineers figures out where to put him, he’ll be working on our tax dollar yet again. Of course, as he’s full-time, this takes financial stress away from Todd. That’s a good thing. Dude stresses out about money. =)