Dear Alisa

It’s been just under three months from that first oh-no-is-that? moment until today.  I don’t pretend to know what that feels like for you and Jason and all of the other people that love you, of which there are many, as I know that you know.  You’ve known that this was coming for a while, and I personally like the curly, I get why you’ll stick with the scarf.  So since today was the day, it’s time to follow through on my end of my assertion.

Photo on 5-4-13 at 9.00 PMPhoto on 5-4-13 at 9.09 PM

I’ll grow it back out when you’re growing back yours. If I could do more to support you in a helpful way, I totally would.


Alisa and I have been a part of the same community for over a decade now.  Anytime a group of people have been together for that long, there are underlying grumbles around, well, most everybody.  I just never hear that about Alisa.  I haven’t met anyone yet that has met her and doesn’t at least like her; most everyone that I know loves her, as I do.

So if you know someone struggling with cancer, just love them the best way that you know how: making dinner for them, taking out the trash, picking up their mail, bringing them a latté, reading in the same room with them for an hour, just whatever.  She’s two states away, but this is something that I can do from here other than send the late-night emails when I can’t sleep and send her crazy emails.

I’ll think of her every (third) morning when I am shaving at a minimum.


I love you, dear.  Keep kicking ass.



I consider Derek Webb to be a friend.  Back when you needed things like fan sites, Bryan and I ran to help him disseminate information.  Now in the Twitter era, musicians don’t need people like me to get the word out.  In a disintermediated world, I am the middle man that’s been cut out.

Twitter’s dangerous, though.  Sometimes you’ll say something and then … well, what happened, FV?

DW is exasperated by following Q.


Mr. Webb followed your humble correspondent for about a month, and as we’ve established that I’m a prolific tweeter myself, I understood his exasperation, but I was more than a bit surprised that Quest’s follow-up was a block.

So where has this gone since?  The Houston Chronicle has covered the matter fairly extensively, in light of possibly educating ? about why he should reconsider.  In fact, Jason Bellini appears to have tried to broker a truce to this little Internet rap feud, pointing Quest to the story.  His one answer: “Well”?

Then Derek took it the extra mile.

Will this work?  Is it shameless promotion on Derek’s part?  Is it something that Questlove will respond to?  Will he bring Webb on the show and unblock him publicly?  Will I drive to NYC if that happens?  We can only wait and see.

C’mon, Q.  What kind of taco did you have for lunch?  D, I had a bagel with egg, bacon, cheese, green pepper, onion, and roasted red peppers around 2:45 this afternoon.  I got a bit of a late start.