Thoughts on #RaininJs what do you have for us? — Locked On Celtics (@LOCeltics) March 23, 2017 Production Quality Must Improve Make the show a multi-ender LoCeltics needs to be a multi-ender.  Jason Snell (2015) and Dan Benjamin (2008) have this topic well-covered; I include both here because the principles are the same even if the technology has… Continue reading Thoughts on #RaininJs

OmniFocus 2 Makes Me Happy The new job gave me a MacBook Pro!  Given the option, I wanted the Mac, and I figured that I’d get an Air, which would’ve been more than fine.  Instead, I have the 15″ Retina beast. ((Your tax dollars at work, America!))  They allow me to install my own software on it, which… Continue reading OmniFocus 2 Makes Me Happy

Life in the Slow Lane

TL;DR: freepress has a position demanding net neutrality, and there’s a We the People petition about net neutrality.  If you know the discussion, go sign if you are inclined.  If you’re unfamiliar, read the below and come back to sign when you’re done.  Thanks.  —GFM   In the summer of 2013, I interned at… Continue reading Life in the Slow Lane

Cable Ties

Since I had to send my iMac off to get checked out, I took the opportunity to re-do my workspace.  I have previously used Belkin’s cable ties for cable management, mainly because they’re big and colorful.  I read good reviews of Velcro’s ties, and the price was right, so I bought some. This isn’t the… Continue reading Cable Ties

Heartbleed Hell

Like a lot of people, I’ve been affected by the Heartbleed bug.  Most frustrating to me is that I got to spend a couple of hours on Tuesday afternoon futzing about with SSL certificates to make sure that I wasn’t vulnerable to the attack. I’m taking a little free time on Friday afternoon to do… Continue reading Heartbleed Hell