Bocephus Returneth; I Soon Leaveth

Well, this entry is posted from Bocephus. Preparing to finish off Rufus [really], I’ve moved Bocephus to a lesser-traveled place in my bedroom and prepared him for conversion into a Web server and maybe a firewall. [My D-Link firewall does a passable job for the time being, but the network might need the extra added firepower.]

Tomorrow after my history class, I’ll be leaving for Tennessee. My brother is on the road there himself, and for a rare opportunity to have all four of us together, I couldn’t not go home this weekend.

Now, I gotta see if I can get Todder’s NIC up and running so he has access to the broadband service before I leave for the weekend.


This entry is posted from Bocephus, which accepted my happy little SMC PCI NIC on the install–didn’t even want the driver diskette. [It shouldn’t; this card is a very early PCI 10/100 card.]

After a nice conversation on the phone with Amy, I’m now smiling a little bit about the depth our friendship has developed over such a short period of time. But more importantly, I’m positively glowing now that my connection’s up and running again. I’m going to start a few downloads of the programs I use and get them up and running by morning.

Why do I get the feeling that the two-hour nap I got instead of watching Blazing Saddles is going to be very beneficial for me? =)

The Bocephus Tales, Pt. 41

Well, Bocephus [my stubborn as heck P166MMX/32MB/2.1GB POS] may soon get an acceptable network card. In the midst of the last-minute hunting and gathering at the old apartment, I finally found my two old PCI cards. One is an SMC that I have a driver diskette for; the other I’m not sure of the brand. [Consider also that I had an old ISA card; I don’t plan on using it.] I heartily considered doing an install last night, but I decided to bed early. Then, of course, when Blaker rolled in about 11:00, I walked out and ended up talking to him until 1:00 or so. Ugh.

But Bocephus will be moving along soon, and Rufus [my AMD 850 MHz T-bird/256/30 with the bad motherboard] will soon have a new motherboard. I may just have to be a computer-building fool this weekend.

When the going gets tough…

…the tough “format c:” and reinstall.

Some here won’t believe this, but I have had my current POS P166MMX/32MB 1997-era machine ever since, well, four years ago–and I’ve never formatted the hard drive. I guess there really is a first time for everything.

I finally decided that I just could not stand the device driver problems any longer. No amount of reinstalling, BIOS mangling, or muttered prayers to the Almighty would get this hunk of junk to like my network card. So I did the last thing that I could do–move the few important files I have to my second HD, format the first, and reinstall Win2K.

-sigh- I’ve been yawning since 8:15…and I’ll probably be up past 11:00. It’d be okay if I weren’t stubborn enough to try to get to work no later than 7:30, but oh well…I have Coke and pizza to fuel me as I reformat.

Here’s hoping the next IJSM posting is from my newly-minted machine. =)

Computer Issues

I’ve got the de-ath touch. Woo-ooo-oooooo…

Hey, you know why my network drivers won’t install? My computer hates the floppy drive I bought. I have to get my new [but dead mobo] computer back from Kat so I can get the old floppy drive and see if that will work. -screams-