Coming Attractions…

Well, after checking with Jeff this morning, my plans for getting the network up and running will be alive soon enough. All I have to do is give Knology the MAC address of the new router, than bada-boom, bada-bing, we’re UP. So I’ll get home from work tonight and start the big move…including moving the cable modem and firewall-to-be back to my room. I figure the network will be easier to work from back there because of how my room will be organized, and given that few people other than myself will ever be back there, there’s little chance that it will be monkeyed with…

SirCam is Costing Me Money

Unfortunately, someone has my address in their address book. That person is infected by the SirCam virus. forwards my mail to my SpamCop account, which filters my mail. However, even if I delete the mail, I get charged for the use of the filtering. As SirCam mails are large, I’m getting huge swaths of my SpamCop account zapped by this one In-duh-vidual.

Now I have to see if I can just blanket delete all mail from that luser and keep my money intact!

Package Arrivals

-cheer- My copy of the The Book of Discipline of The United Methodist Church, 2000 is here! Time to be a good religion geek and devour this book. I’m almost finished with Baseball Prospectus 2001–a heckuva book if you’re a statnerd and love the American Pastime–and as soon as I finish that [probably tonight], I’ll start on the Discipline.

Maybe only Rick will get my geekiness on this…

Back Off!

Yeah, I’m going to do something with IJSM soon. There’s much news to be put up for you all to know about, especially with me leaving SGA.

However, I’m here to bring up an interesting thread on /. I have been a significant participant–my nick is TOTKChief. It’s a pretty interesting read, really–though the comments are somewhat disappointing. Few of the highly-modded responses are all that clueful. Typical of /., yes, but I’m not the only aero-geek on /.!

Enjoy. I’ll have some info on the latest insanity soon.