Lion-Ready Junk Mail Reporting Scripts

After trying for a day to fix my Lion-broken scripts, I finally gave up and asked folks at Apple’s discussion forum about my problem, and the very first response by Pierre L. nailed it:

Try replacing this one line:

set content to thisMessage’s source

with these two lines:

set theSource to thisMessage’s source
set content to theSource

That worked like a champ.

Updated scripts are available: spam_uce_gov.scpt and spam_paypal_com.scpt. As always, these are provided for free and are unsupported, although I’ll try to help if I can.

[Update, 31 Oct 2011]: These scripts had an issue with background sending, as the accumulated emails would clog up. I got a great suggestion for a fix on the AppleScript forums at, and now things seem to be working. I’ve replaced the scripts above with the improved copies.

15 Apr 2014: No future upgrades to these scripts will be provided.

Running WordPress 3.0

I’ve upgraded this site to WordPress 3.0 as a pathfinder for a number of reasons, one of them being that I have a professional interest in doing so. This site is always my bleeding edge for WordPress upgrades—if it doesn’t break here, it typically won’t break elsewhere…. Running WP1.2

I’ve upgraded to the latest stable version of WordPress, 1.2-mingus.

Per-category feeds are available; click on a category in the sidebar and add “rss/” or “atom/” to the end of the URL in your browser’s location bar to get such feeds.

Hello world!

Some people get the .net and .org of their .com domain names just to prevent cybersquatters from, well, squatting.

I guess that was the original purpose behind getting, but after getting involved with building [], I realized that I wanted a place where I could share code with the world.

Not that my code is any good, mind you; I just give because I can, and I give because I’ve received.

Now, back to my coding.