Huntsville, My Home

My first time in Huntsville was at Space Camp.  It’s true — I was one of those nerds.  Even worse, I went to Space Camp (well, Space Academy) twice.  How my parents afforded it, I don’t know. It was at my second visit to the Rocket City when I first stepped foot at what would become… Continue reading Huntsville, My Home

Lent Has Brought New Life to the Old Blog No, I’m not giving up Twitter after Lent is over, but needing a place to write some thoughts down has brought a bit of a rebirth to the old blog.  I was blogging before it was cool, and now I’m blogging after it stopped being cool.  While I don’t really know what all is… Continue reading Lent Has Brought New Life to the Old Blog is no more.

When I first had a Web site on the Internet on a domain that I owned, it was on, which I registered in January 2001. I was in my third year in college and found myself wanting a voice. I’d been doing small-scale self-publication on the Internet for a while, running a sports e-zine… Continue reading is no more.

Making Room

This is one of the roses from the second shot 13 days later.

For many, summer is about love: summer romances, May and June weddings, long days stretching out and giving the day that last gasp of diffuse light before the night is quickly upon you, thought not long to stay. I don’t know what this says about me, but I’ve never been one for love in the… Continue reading Making Room

On Addiction

I couldn’t really leave you hanging there, could I? Remember where I dropped that life-is-a-rope-we-weave-together business? I am also influenced by the concept of the Hegelian dialectic: thesis and antithesis meet, and gradually, synthesis occurs. I find that nature and nurture are synthesized—a reason that I’m an Open Theist who buys that there are some… Continue reading On Addiction

Twitter: The Connective Tissue in the Narrative

In a larger entry about information, Rands writes: Those frustrated with Twitter are frustrated because they have a belief that a story needs a beginning, middle, and end. And that it should have all of those parts before it’s presented to them. What the hell am I supposed to learn from a tweet? The point… Continue reading Twitter: The Connective Tissue in the Narrative


Before [well, a couple weeks ago; I’d let it grow since then]: After: I grew the beard in my 20s to look older at work. I had plenty of reasons for this, but the main one is that I was way younger than my peers and wanted to fit in a bit more visually. Now… Continue reading Shorn


So I’ve been thinking lately about openness. I am, fundamentally, an open person. As such, my decision six months ago to lock down my Twitter account was a very hard one. I reversed it today. Why? Simple: I am an open person. You ask me a question, and you’re going to get an answer. Whether… Continue reading Openness

It Makes a Difference.

Leah | Day #020 Originally uploaded by Geof F. Morris First, let me provide you a musical setting, friends. This track runs about ten minutes, which is far more time than it will take you to read these meager words, but maybe you’ll get to thinking during the guitar solo. [audio:] Cindy was 34. Barry… Continue reading It Makes a Difference.