Hallo from Ísland!  I turn 38 today, and this is the first birthday (and the first time ever) that I’ll celebrate the day off of the North American continent, although I’m fairly sure that, with Þingvellir to our east, we’re actually still on the North American plate.  I have been on both sides of the rift… Continue reading Thirty-Eight

Lessons from the Sacrifice (?)

I really don’t care very much about Facebook, which is probably not something that makes my mother very happy.  I pretty much didn’t miss it.  I used the hell out of Facebook Messenger, but Facebook itself?  Nope.  I expect that my Facebook traffic will become even more broadcast-heavy and even less about interaction.  I browsed the timeline… Continue reading Lessons from the Sacrifice (?)

I want on Twitter right now like I haven’t wanted to be on there before.  It’s a function of needing some distraction and being disconnected from my friends.  If it were late March, I’d break down, but I’m just nine more days away.  I can do it.  I haven’t even taken leave of feast Sundays.

Health Insurance

Thank you, fellow taxpayers, for the credit that defrayed about 80% of the cost of my health insurance.  Trust me, I’m ready to be back amongst your number, but while I’m playing the role of underemployed graduate student, it’s nice to be able to afford health insurance.  I’ve had some very mediocre insurance for the… Continue reading Health Insurance

Lent Has Brought New Life to the Old Blog No, I’m not giving up Twitter after Lent is over, but needing a place to write some thoughts down has brought a bit of a rebirth to the old blog.  I was blogging before it was cool, and now I’m blogging after it stopped being cool.  While I don’t really know what all is… Continue reading Lent Has Brought New Life to the Old Blog

I’m a good liberal guy and think that is a good thing, but dammit, I was on the phone with them for 1h19m, persevering through terrible hold music and being on hold for an hour while they figured out how to code my meager income, and … then my call gets dropped.

Fuck.  I opened this up purely to complain about the bad hold music (see: safety valve), but holy shit, this is just bad.  They have my number to call me back, I guess, but I’m guessing that they won’t.  So …

Social Media Sacrifice

Social media is a distraction.  It’s good for a lot of things, but one thing that it’s bad for is taking people from the acquaintance level to something deeper.  It’s also bad for maintaining friendships at the depth that are worth having.  There’s a lot of good, but there’s downsides. I do Lenten sacrifices, but… Continue reading Social Media Sacrifice

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It looks like 30 in 90 won’t happen.  I was on very good pace in early December: I was down to 361, 20 pounds down, with only a few days gone in the month.  Keeping up that pace seemed realistic, holiday eating be damned.  Then I got sick.  I came down with a bear of a cold starting the night December 7th.  Since then, I’ve not eaten that well, and I’ve not been walking, and I’m up to 365.4.  That’s still 15+ lost since the beginning of October, which is nothing to sneeze at, but I will miss my goal since I’m unwilling to do a crazy diet to hit some number.

But 1) I will update here on 12/30 and 2) I will probably try this again in 2013.  Having some external accountability has been helpful.

But that is still 90 pounds gone, in case you were wondering.  😉