Webb Divorce

Shameful.  Painful.  Terrible.  I’m glad that I was mostly off of Twitter and Facebook for Thursday while my corner of the Internet reacted.  I’m done with him.  I’ll forgive him eventually, but there’s nothing that says that I have to maintain a relationship with him.  Call me what you will for the public unfollow: I will not care.


I consider Derek Webb to be a friend.  Back when you needed things like fan sites, Bryan and I ran derekwebb.net to help him disseminate information.  Now in the Twitter era, musicians don’t need people like me to get the word out.  In a disintermediated world, I am the middle man that’s been cut out.… Continue reading #UNBLOKME

Giving Music Away Is Great; Now Let’s Tackle Findability

Derek Webb’s NoiseTrade service provides value to listeners and musicians alike by creating an exchange market of music for demographic information. The main failure in the market as it stands is findability inside the marketplace. In this post, I suggest ways for that inefficiency to be resolved.

Josh Garrels – Love & War & the Sea in Between

[blackbirdpie id=”89907368443392000″] Accompanied vocal music is about three things: the lyrics to be sung, the voice and intonation of the singer, and the instrumental music that accompanies the singer. At its best, the three elements are integrated into a taut line tying the spear that pierces your heart to the songwriter. Even when you have… Continue reading Josh Garrels – Love & War & the Sea in Between