DW to Record with Caedmon’s Again

I’m very tempted to strike “Again” and say “One Last Time”, because I really think this is the final hurrah.

One last version of “Bus Driver”. That would be a fitting finale to Derek‘s career with Caedmon’s Call.

I am also very happy to know that Chronicles&emdash;the tentative title for CC’s greatest hits album, which should be in stores April 6th&emdash;will have a song by Andrew Osenga. I’d thought they’d record “Phoenix”, which I first heard Andy play in April; when I heard it, I said, “That sounds like a song Caedmon’s would play.” I flat-out asked him, and he told me that it wasn’t, but rather it was something that he’d just finished and that no one but the band, his wife, and one other person had heard.

I (heart) Andy’s writing. I (heart) it at least as much as I do “Bus Driver”. To think that I hated that song at first …

I Love Derek Webb

When people find out that I know Derek Webb, they often ask what kind of guy he is and why I like him so darn much. I tell them, “It’s because he’s such a real, down-to-Earth guy.” D and I may disagree on doctrine, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t think he’s right about a lot of things.

And plus, when it comes down to it, Derek’s an absolute goofball: here’s proof.

The Great CD Preservation Project

So, I’ve had in mind the last few months to do a great service to myself on cataloging and preserving my CD collection. It’s finally begun. The process is rather simple:

1. Burn CD-R’s of all music CD’s that I have. These copies go into my truck.

The reason that I want the burned copies in my truck is pretty simple&emdash;my truck is pretty easy to break into, and if I’m going to lose CD’s, I’d rather lose the copies than the originals. I’ve also noticed over the years that the most wear-and-tear my CD collection gets is when I’m driving. This is probably because I’m changing CD’s on-the-fly and paying more attention to my driving than to CD placement. If I’m going to screw up a CD, I’d rather it be a copy&emdash;I can always make another copy under fair use.

2. Rip all of my music CD’s to MP3 and store them on a file-server.

This file-server would be connected to my home network for personal use [i.e. not being KaZaa’d]. I’m not a mass-audience file-trader, and I’d never be one; if I do trade MP3’s, I trade them to friends who feel about MP3’s as I do in that they should be treated the same way as you treat physical media that you might let a friend borrow: if you like it, you buy it; if you don’t like it, you give it back and don’t keep a copy for yourself. That, to the best of my knowledge, runs under fair use [although the RIAA might disagree].

3. Create MP3-encoded CD’s for my MP3-CD boombox at work.

I don’t want all my music collection at work; because MP3’s can be smaller, I’m cool with compiling CD’s of like musicians. For example, I might put as many Blues Traveler MP3’s together as I can; I wouldn’t stick Caedmon’s Call on that same disc. I’d put Andrew Osenga, Derek Webb, and Sandra McCracken all together on one CD, because they are similar.

4. Create a MySQL catalog of all my CD’s so I can review them all at the song level.

That’s purely for my idea that collaborative filtering is a great idea; if you see that we both like a CD [and better, specific tracks on that CD], perhaps we have the same musical tastes, and you can recommend some music to me.

Right now, #1 in progress: my laptop hums away happily on the desk space to my left, burning the CD’s I’ve been able to find in my truck. [Note to self: you’re going to have to clean out the truck to find all your CD’s. Note to Todd: Shut your hole!] The burner’s only an 8x burner, but I’ve got all the time in the world for it to run at work, since I don’t need it to do anything else other than burn CD’s. I’ve got a 208-disc Case Logic case and a new detachable Case Logic visor case for the truck, and a bunch of slim cases for the MP3-CD’s [since I have some MP3’s on my laptop hard drive, I might be able to make some MP3-CD’s of like-minded artists while I’m sitting here].

Any other ideas or suggestions for stuff that should go into this project?

Darn Music

The bad thing about music is that, well, it’s addicting.

Part of that’s not so bad, really; if it’s cool or meaningful [or both], well, it’s edifying in a way.

But then there’s the part that is bad: it can get expensive. 🙂

My work with Caedmon’s Call and Derek Webb has introduced me to the Nashville faith-based singer-songwriter community in a number of ways. One is that I hear these people at a variety of concerts, and another is that I get to meet these people and hang out with them. [Mind you, that’s darn, darn cool.]

But then when you get to know folks, you feel compelled to buy their CD’s. And that can do damage to your pocketbook if’n you’re not careful.

But hey, it’s not as bad as, say, a trip to Best Buy … 😉

[This entry typed while listening to Andrew Osenga’s Photographs, which is a kickin’ disc.]

“Now that you know how to get here…”

After visiting my folks this weekend, I drove north and east rather than south and east to head home. You see, Derek Webb, among others, was playing a mission benefit concert for a family from Nashville that’s going to go do mission work in Africa: specifically, Keith Chapman’s a dentist, so he’ll be pulling teeth all around Africa.

Anyhow, after the show, Derek’s wife Sandra went back to their house to go see about Levi, their border collie puppy. Because it was Sunday, Derek and Sandra had been gone most of the day, so she wanted to go see that their house was left standing. [Smart woman.]

This, of course, left Derek without a ride home.

Me, being a staffer for [caedmonscall.net], the fan-site that covers the band Derek was a part of for a decade, I had reason to be talking to Derek long after the concert was over. [Really … we’re setting up a live chat with him sometime next week.] As Derek relates the story, he glances my direction, and I quietly say, “I can give you a ride home.”

After the crowd disperses, he looks at me and says, “You know, I really could use a ride home, Geof.”

So … I drove Derek Webb home. He and I talked things Internet and not. He asked what I do for a living, saying, “You know, y’all do so much for us, and I don’t really know anything about you.” So we talk of things ISS for a while.

We pulled into his driveway, and Derek got out. He leaned back in and said, “Hey, I really appreciate this. Now that you know how to get here, stop on by any time you’re in town. We’ll make you a cup of coffee and sit and talk.”

Yes, I think you could say that this fanboy had a happy ride home to Huntsville.

Satisfying an Urge

I went to cut a couple spots for ESPN 1450 at 10:00, and I figured that was going to take half an hour or more. However, Mike and I did the commercials in one take each [amazing for two live radio guys who are used to flubbing up and going on with life], so I decided to take the opportunity to get some other radio business done–namely getting a new battery charger for the equipment, since my old one got trashed last weekend.

[To be fair to George, I hadn’t been storing it well. I need to come up with a better system for storage before I hop on a plane next weekend.]

While there, I picked up the recently-compiled Nirvana and Smashing Pumpkins greatest hits collections. I need a little bit of angry music, considering how the old Web host hosed [caedmonscall.net].

grrrrrrrrrr … “Rape Me” is about the right amount of angst for my mood …

Being a Fanboy

I’ve seen Caedmon’s Call perform twice: the first was at The University of North Alabama a few years back. Because I was traveling with friends [namely, Jess and Karina] and, for some forgotten reason, we had to be back to Huntsville for early things the next day, I didn’t get to meet the band then.

A couple years ago, the band played Big Spring Jam. Well, that’s not entirely accurate–at the time, Danielle Young had just had complications with her first pregnancy, so she and Cliff, who form two-thirds of CC’s vocal triumvirate, were in the hospital waiting for Danielle’s pregnancy to settle down.

I never will forget Derek coming out center-stage and saying, “It’s weird to be standing here. I’m usually over there,” nodding to his usual spot on the side of the stage. “How many of you have heard Caedmon’s Call on the radio?” he then asked. The crowd hooted. “Good,” he said. “Well, I do a lot of the songs that don’t make it on the radio, so I hope that you’ll enjoy it.”

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Tour Goodness

I must see this tour.

Caedmon’s Call and Jars of Clay.




I can go see one of these shows and die a happy man. Unfortunately, I’m not sure if Derek Webb will tour with CC … I think he’ll be working on a solo tour promoting She Must and Shall Go Free, his new solo album. I hope Derek sticks with the band, but if he left, I’d understand.

Dude … CC and JoC! DUDE!

Canadian Invasion

Now, granted, I’m a hockey fiend, but this is driving me just a little crazy. It seems as if every band I pick up these days is a Canadian band.

Of course, I only realize this when I’m talking to Becka during idle time at work.

Me: “Word!”

Becka: “hey geof! :)”

Me: “What’s going on?”

Becka: “not much, you?”

Me: “Oh, killing time, working, listening to [insert band name here].”

Becka: “they’re Canadian, you know?”

The latest such band is Default [after Nickelback last week]. Default’s playing Big Spring Jam at the end of the month, and I’m going to dig it.

Ooooh, suddenly, thinking about hockey has reminded me that my writers have to submit stuff in for USA College Hockey Magazine by next weekend. Since I don’t have team beat writers for three CHA schools, I’ll get to write something about each of them as well as my regular column. That’s a couple thousand words to chuck out the door this next week … in amongst everything else. Fnark.

Me: “Really, eh?”