While I’m bouncing a bit to Full Plates Mixtape.002, it reminds me of listening to this disc the other day in my truck. I was dressed for work because I’d just gotten off, and I smiled at a couple people on my way back to my truck as they entered the convenience store I’d just left. I got in my truck, and the radio returned to its previous volume [and bump] level.

It was amazing to watch the facial expressions on the white folks’ faces change.

What was this disc? Well, might give you an idea–it’s Christ-focused hip-hop. [While you may find that a bit silly, it’s important; some people only listen to hip-hop, and as far as I’m concerned, the Message of Christ needs to hit people where they are. This does that.] It’s not like I was cranking up 2Pac or Dr. Dre … but I might as well have been. I got stared at as I left the parking lot.

I’m sure that if I went down there again today and listened to some of my other music, like maybe my Pierce Pettis [singer/songwriter folk] discs, I’d get a different look. Isn’t that just … strange?

All Hail MusicMatch!

Woohoo! Man, it’s really cool to rip CD’s to MP3 at a rate of 10.5x the play speed. Quite cool indeed. I didn’t think I’d noticed any massive differences in MusicMatch‘s newest version [7.1], but I think I’ve found it–ripping speed. ‘Tis quite fast, quite nice, and quite solid.

I mean, I got four CD’s in today from Grassroots Music–my favorite place to shop for Christian-oriented music–and I’ve ripped three of them in the last 20 minutes … and the fourth one is probably just about done.

DFX 6.0 for MusicMatch: A New Preset

If you’re like me, and you listen to lots of very acoustically focused folk music, I have a preset that I use on such songs that I think you’ll like more than the original “Folk” preset. Here’s what I use:

  • Fidelity: 7 [Propping up the fidelity adds to the brush on the strings, as well as brings the vocals out. Key for this music.
  • Ambience: 0 [Acoustic music, as you probably know, is best heard close-up, and doesn’t amplify well in my book. Killing ambience is the key thing.
  • Dynamic Boost: 6 [I think it may just be that these speakers suck ass. Anyway, it boosts levels.]
  • Hyperbass: 2 [Just enough to get the thrum on the lower strings. That’s all you need. This isn’t beat box flava.]

Hopefully this will benefit at least one other person. 🙂

Music Order

Man, I’m ready for this music order I have from Grassroots Music to come. I have Jars of Clay’s new album coming, but I’m really looking forward to getting Pierce Pettis‘s newest album. He’s a pretty good songwriter, and hey, he’s from DeKalb County, which is all of an hour or so from here.

I am such a sucker for singer/songwriter folk stuff. It’s a wonder that I have never bought an album by Jewel …

New Newsboys Album!

Well, it seems that the Newsboys will release an album a month from tomorrow. I’m hoping they’re done experimenting with concept albums and go back to some of the standards that made them what they are: good, driving rock anthems, thoughtful and witty songwriting, and honesty. Love Liberty Disco was cool and all, but after about eight or ten spins in the CD player, it starts to grow tired.

You can pre-order with GrassRoots if you’re interested. I’m betting this is back to “standard Newsboys”. 🙂

Great Wakeup Music

I think I have found possibly the best ever album to have in one’s CD alarm clock: U2’s Joshua Tree. Not only is Joshua Tree perhaps the seminal U2 album, but “Where the Streets Have No Name” comes in so quietly that it’s not a jarring track to listen to while waking up. And then, of course, you get progressively better songs as you keep on listening.

I’m really confused by the fact that I’ve always liked U2’s music, but I’ve never owned one of their albums until now, when Doug got it for me for my birthday. I thank him for that; this is a band that’s always influenced me musically, whether consciously or subconsciously.

Well, now that I have successfully joined the land of the wakeful and vocal–yes, my voice is back, if still a little bit raspy–I’m going to do the things that I wanted to do around here yesterday but never had the energy to even contemplate.

May this first day of this new year be good to all of us, however arbitrary it may seem.

New Obsession

As I sit here chatting with Heather on ICQ, I’m listening to Bebo Norman on my MP3 list. On the way back from Tennessee yesterday, I popped in Ten Thousand Days, learned some more lyrics, and sang along through Mississippi.

Of course, it strikes me interesting that, again, it’s Christian music. It speaks to me in ways I can’t describe. But Norman is a folk artist first; he simply tells stories in his songs. That’s the kind of music that speaks to me most. I don’t need God’s name beaten into my head; trust me, it’s on my mind often enough.

My musical tastes are obsessive. I guess I’ll be on folk music for a while. 🙂