Needing Space

I understand, Amy. As someone who takes on a lot of tasks, I know what you mean. My work often threatens to define me, as happens to all of us. Heck, how many of us define ourselves by our occupation? “Hi, my name is Geof Morris, and I’m a systems engineer at Teledyne Brown.”

The key is learning to step outside yourself to find yourself. Seems paradoxical, but it is not. We build up this public conception of self with what we do, what’s on our resume or vitae, and then it threatens to envelop who we are. Who we are becomes what we do … until we take time away from ourselves and say, “No, that’s really not who I am.”

That’s why vacations rule. Now that my classes are over, I am tempted to fill the class time with the work that I’ve been wanting to get done. Given my reaction here, I have to wonder if that’s not the wrong reaction.

The Path

I had a friend who chose a new path the other day: to become a self-supported artist. What a daring choice: the world is fraught with those who choose such a path only to drown in a sea of debt. My friend’s case is different in many ways; but that’s not necessarily germane to the ensuing blather of thought that is running through my mind this morning. Let me conclude this thought by encouraging you to peer into the artistic mind of my friend, and perhaps even buy something. I know that one of my self-Christmas gifts will come from here.

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-scratches chin-

Well, I’m bored at work. [It’s not that I don’t have anything to do; I just don’t have the power to do anything that’s on my plate right now. I love being a co-op, and I hate being a co-op.] So I flipped up the Greymatter site, and seeing that there weren’t new discussions to follow in the forum, I flipped back to the jump-off point to go see if I could find something interesting to read.
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Tuesday Musings

I almost called this Monday Musings. I keep thinking I have to go to class today. Weeeeeird!

The Seattle Mariners have already clinched a playoff berth for 2001. How weird is that? They’ve got 99 wins. That’s just … amazing. I haven’t felt a team to be this dominant since my beloved Reds went wire-to-wire in ’90. They were managed by … Lou Piniella, who now runs the M’s. Go Lou!

I’ve heard from Amy, so I guess everyone lived through Dragon*Con. They had a wild weekend…I slept for ’em. We had a cookout at the house Sunday night, and, well, it was a little crazy. Blake, Todd, and I shouldn’t have started a game of Crazy Eights at 6:15. Yeah, but it was fun.

Well, work awaits. I have some cut sheets in from some vendors to ponder over before doing some more vendor calling this morning…

Small Things

It’s the small things that evoke large memories. For example, on a lark, I punched [Sunkist] on the vending machine a minute ago. Out popped the orange soda of my youth. It made me think of road trips from Ohio to the South to visit my grandparents. So many memories…fun times with my parents, trying not to beat my brother’s head against the glass [we get along better now, thanks], my late grandfather, the time I had to navigate my dad through Lexington, KY, while my mom snored so loudly Dad could barely hear my directions…good memories.

The sips do more than refresh. They reflect, remember, renew.