“Suspend the Campaign” Is the New “Sex”

So … McCain suspended his campaign, snubbing Letterman but still appearing on Katie Couric’s cameras. Then he meets with everyone yesterday, in what many felt was “a rescue plan for McCain” rather than the country. And now he’s going to the debates [which I’m glad of, even if Nate Silver might have it right on… Continue reading “Suspend the Campaign” Is the New “Sex”

The Palin Pick

Okay, I’ve had some time to digest why I think the nomination of Sarah Palin is wrong, and I’m now ready to make the coherent argument. Coming into the conventions, Republicans who considered themselves likely voters indicated in most polls that, on average, 87% of them were ready to vote for McCain as President. Contrast… Continue reading The Palin Pick

Public Policy as an SAT Question

It’s clear that demand for fossil fuels, especially light, sweet crude, is now beginning to outstrip the market’s ability to supply it. Whether or not this is truly an indication of peak oil or not, we have met a point where what has long been seen as an inelastic demand curve—American’s thirst for fossil-fuel-sourced energy—has… Continue reading Public Policy as an SAT Question

Helping Our Own

Back in April, I wrote about how students at my alma mater might have to pay for room and board. Unfortunately, this is now a reality. As a result, I’m sending the MSMS Foundation $55 every two weeks [$1350/26 > to the nearest $5] for the next year. I’m only doing it this way because… Continue reading Helping Our Own

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Poking the Bear

Yeah, even I’m not terribly thrilled with gas prices these days, previous commentary to the contrary. But the point that I was trying to express back in August 2005 was perhaps better expressed by Robert Reich earlier this week, in his post about how the wage gap is fueled by the gas gap: Low-wage workers… Continue reading Poking the Bear

Gas Prices and Fisking

Every so often, a piece I wrote in 2005 about gas prices gets people leaving snide comments. I thought I’d fisk today‘s, ’cause I’m feelin’ snarky. Lets see we can go to mars. We can build a space station. You kind of get the idea. Sure do. I work in manned spaceflight. None of this… Continue reading Gas Prices and Fisking

Surging in the ‘nati

Dear ESPN: I know that it’s totally cliché to write open letters to you on Weblogs. I mean, I was probably doing it back when I ran TOTK. You know, before I had to shave. [Or before I grew the beard and quit shaving.] Anyway: my beloved Cincinnati Reds have won six straight and eight… Continue reading Surging in the ‘nati

“I Owe the Sender a Response” Is a Fallacy

As the writer of a sarcastic five-paragraph essay on five-sentence emails, you might think that I saw Mike Davidson’s announcement of sentenc.es and had a response to the idea. Davidson’s argument is that “the time commitment difference between sender and receiver is huge … the sender will ask two or three open-ended one sentence questions… Continue reading “I Owe the Sender a Response” Is a Fallacy

Bad Infographic by CNN

Right now, CNN.com’s main page has an infographic running on the Senate results that just plain sucks: Let’s just list the problems here: The GOP doesn’t have a majority with 50 Senators; it has control because Dick Cheney is VP. There is no majority in a 50-50 Senate; control is run through the VP to… Continue reading Bad Infographic by CNN