IJSM.org: Now With Less Cruft

I’ve been spending time with Alex King’s 404 Notifier over the last week or two slowly fixing 404 errors. A lot of mine have to do with images: I’ve had two or three collection points for images, and none of those were ever “right” compared to how images are organized by WP now. [Finally, WP’s solution is good enough that it’s just what I use. I never fire up an FTP client anymore.] I sat down this morning to work on that, and a couple hours later, I’m done.

This was the perfect I’m-sick-and-don’t-want-to-deal-with-anyone task. Honestly, I feel a whole lot better today; I think my left ear will be fairly cleared up by tomorrow, enough that I could go to work and function normally. Ever since Friday night, I’ve been stressed on how I’d work at the office, since … well, it would be hard to answer the phone, and I do a lot of that. But I hear a whole lot better in my left ear today, and my right ear seems to be improving as well [although the wick has come out of it, so I probably need to go back and have another re-inserted].

Not Twice the Fun, I Assure You

I now have a lovely case of otitis externa in both ear canals. Both are swollen and have ear wicks inserted, so I’ve got greatly diminished hearing. This will be the case for the next few days as my immune system and the antibiotics fight back, so if you need to contact me, please do so by email or other textual conveyances if at all possible. I can hear, but just not that well. [Well, I can hear myself breathe quite well, thanks.]

If you want to know what this is like, go draw a bath and turn a radio on in the bathroom. Place the radio on the counter, get in the bath, and then duck your head underneath the surface of the water. See how muffled things are? You can still hear, but man, if you hum, or breathe deeply, or anything else, you drown out the sounds around you. For example, I can only hear the clacking of my keyboard if I really concentrate and line it up with what I know to expect of that sound as my hands actuate keys.

I have the feeling that I’m going to go slowly crazy this weekend.

Fully Cleared

I have finished wielding my scythe. I have no unread items. Now, to explain why no more FL and why NNW for now. I’ll do that later; for now, it’s time for more medication for my ear! [It seems to finally be improving, which is nice, because … it’s been painful.] I think I’m going to miss home hockey, though, for the first time in forever. [Shut up, Mike. I don’t want to hear it.]


I still feel like a big sack of crap—to the point that I came home from work early today because I was dizzy and didn’t want to drive home in traffic—but I got everything done that I needed to get done. I did get the nice ego boost of someone saying, “I felt like my left arm was gone without you here yesterday,” combined with a co-worker all-but-happily-tackling me when I walked past his door this morning. It’s nice to be wanted and to feel like you’re an integral part of an organization, to be sure.

[And yes, I say it organIzation, like I’m from Mississauga or something.]

That said, I have felt like doing not much of anything since getting home; after some sleep to knock down the pain/dizziness, I woke up sweaty—why the hell are we pushing 80F in the last week of November? Please explain—just in time for my next medication run. Woooo. The wick still annoys the hell out of me, but it’s getting better. Part of the issue right now is swelling [from irritation] in the area behind and under my ear, which I’m treating with heat. [I just looked it up on WebMD, and maybe I should be doing that with cold. Dammit. But it feels better.] I’ll stay awake until as close to midnight as I can, take the next round of drops, and crash. [I’m so in polyphasic sleep right now, heh.]

In other news, I’ve whittled my new-item backlog in NNW down to 3003. The reason that my migration is taking a long time is because I’m having to switch from FeedLounge’s superior tag-cloud-style filing system for feeds back to a tree-like structure. I will be very, very, very honest: not wanting to leave a tag-cloud system kept me on FL for the last … six-to-eight weeks. When I first found out that Alex was leaving FeedLounge—okay, actually before it was public, back when I was spending time talking to both Alex and Scott on the phone about it, agreeing with how both of them felt about the situation [probably much to their consternation, heh]—I made some preliminary looks to moving, and everything told me that I wanted to stay with what I’d been using.

But … well, at some point, the features of actually, oh, getting your feeds to actually aggregate trump everything else. Tonight, I found that one of my RMFO-Bloggers had 15 spammy comments that were just sitting there, all because FL hadn’t been aggregating his comment feed for me.

So anyway … the transition to a tag-style architecture to a tree is a slow one. Essentially, what I’ve done with every feed I’ve cleared so far is put it into a lowest-common-denominator group in NNW, which has typically been firstname_lastname. I will, at some point in the future, begin organically grouping these folks back into trees. [I’ve actually started with all the RMFO-Blogs feeds that I follow.] Essentially, I’ve gotten back to a flat structure, which I’ll then go back to treeing.

Good gracious, when are more people going to start supporting tag-style architectures? It may be a hard problem—I honestly don’t know—but it makes so, so, so much sense. Kottke.org’s remaindered links? I want those in “jason_kottke” and “linklog”, because sometimes I feel like perusing all the linklogs I follow, and sometimes, I want just Jason’s editorial voice. The same way with groups of my friends—I want Jonathan and Ashley in both “cabal” and “creekmores”, because sometimes I want to catch up with all my friends, and sometimes, I just want to know about what’s going on down the road from me. And best of all, I want my Bruins-related feeds from boston.com in “boston”, “bruins”, “hockey”, “nhl”, and “sports”, depending on what mood I’m in. [Why the bifurcation of “hockey” and “nhl”? Hell, I follow and eat/live/breathe college hockey, people.]

When one first encounters tag-style architectures, it seems a bit much, but so can treeing … you can get very, very specific with trees. Why do I prefer tag-style architectures? They slice horizontally and vertically.

So anyway, incoherent rambling over. I’m suck it up with going away from tag-style. I’m in mourning, but not enough to switch back. Right now, I’m fixing everything in NNW, essentially doing all my feed-reading at home [which is fine, because I’m busy at work], and then hoping to go to FeedDemon soon and have this setup all completely done so the OPML import into FD is a thing of simplicity when I’m ready for it.

Wretched, Blasted Cold

I must say, I could have picked a better week to come down with a cold. If you’re thinking, “But hey, it’s the weekend, and you can rest up and try to be ready to go in on Monday morning,” well, you haven’t seen the stack of work I have waiting for me when I go in tomorrow. Heh.

Posting will continue to be light; the worst of this ends in the next week, but similar activities will be going on my end for another six weeks from here. And if you’re thinking, “Haven’t you been at it hard like this since the beginning of August?” You, you get a cookie.

Could be a whole lot worse, though.

Words: 4

Hmm. Four words is about all I’m good for today.

  1. Cold. I have one. It is kicking my ass. Were it not Rick’s birthday today [happy birthday, buddy!], I would be going straight home when I left work. As it is, I will leave after a while tonight, because I don’t want to get anyone else sick.
  2. Beauty is truth; truth, beauty.
  3. Green is starting to replace blue as the color I favor the most.
  4. Books are something that I don’t read often enough of. Requires too much … something.

[This where I note that Rick tagged beauty to Jessica, but she tagged sexy to a camera. Isn’t it the male that’s supposed to have the gadget-lust? Heeeee. And to answer your question, Jessica: yes, better equipment can make you a better photographer. It’s worked for me. And no, you can’t have my 10D.]

Let’s see who I hate enough to foist this upon: 😉

  1. Chris.
  2. Brad, becuase he’s several timezones away and can’t hurt me.
  3. Jonathan, just so Ashley can’t. [I’m such an ass.]
  4. John Wilson, who has no link because I can’t remember his URL anymore. [But my aggregator does.]

Oh, and words.

  • Penalty.
  • Vacation.
  • Competition.
  • Spelunking.

Back to writing a proposal through the fog…

Digging Out

Well, you get the point from looking at the thin archives this week that I’ve been dang busy, and if you look around, you’ll even figure out why. Suffice it to say that it’s been crazy. In amongst all the fun, I’ve come down with one of my biennial cases of otitis externa, which has me down from stereo to mono. Not-so-fun times. Thankfully, I have good medication in-hand for dealing with it. I’ll be back and kicking soon. Meanwhile, I’m digging out the 3000+ feed items that had accrued since my half-hearted pass through FeedLounge on Monday.

Doing Better

Thanks to those who left me well-wishes; I’m over the sinus infection and now am just battling the concomitant cold. [For the record, it really was the cold that exacerbated the issue, so maybe the sinus infection was concomitant to the cold? Ahhh, who cares. Pass the NyQuil!]

Predictably, work went insane while I was gone. All I did today was put out fires. Maybe I’ll make headway tomorrow…