Publishing Schedule

For the time being, I’m instituting the following publishing schedule here: Mondays: Stock Stories [don’t worry, I can go a long time ;)]. Wednesdays: Whatever I feel like, but typically “the state of my life”. Fridays: Music Reviews. I promise to write more if you promise to comment more. Deal? Deal.

Forward Work

Well, the move of to my new dedicated box is complete. and will get moved tonight. I know that content here has been, well, suffering. I’ve been doing some thinking, and I have some regular content ideas that I’d like to do—music reviews being at the top of that list. I have… Continue reading Forward Work

Why Two Sites?

Someone [okay, so it was Alex] asked me today, “So, how do you determine what goes on which site?” This is a question I get often about this site and The Indiana Jones School of Management, which you might or might not realize is also mine. The other question is, “Why two sites?” I’ve probably… Continue reading Why Two Sites?

Running WordPress v1.0+ is now running v1.0+ of WordPress. Specifically, I’m running the 20040113 nightly. I’ll be installing cruft-free URL’s in the next few, which will actually free me up to queue draft entries as I’d like. I’m weird; I’ve always thought that post # order should match chronlogical order; but now with cruft-free URLs, it’s not… Continue reading Running WordPress v1.0+

New Design

Yep, a new design. Call this v0.9; I haven’t completely finished the way I want things, but it’s pretty doggone close. I hope you like the look.

Baby Steps

I finally edited the templates that b2 uses. [Hush, Indi!] No more popup windows. Hooah! It’s a hack, and not elegant, but I’ve had other things on my mind than learning b2 vars. I’ll get there.