and .org

I’ve finally decided what to do with and The .net will be a quasi-portal for me; either linklists or RSS/XML feeds of other sites or what. The .org will be a place to share the code I’m building for [] and []. Seems like a reasonable thing to do to me. Now it’s… Continue reading and .org

Refer, Refer, Refer

It’s always fun to track down your traffic. Well, fun if you’re a goofball like me, anyway. I’ve installed Dean’s wonderful Refer here on, and the results are always interesting. Note that this isn’t total traffic to the site, but merely inbound links. I figure that I already have you regular readers hooked. [Freaks.… Continue reading Refer, Refer, Refer

Pulling It Together

I’ve incorporated all the old entries from my and journals by now and done a rough job of categorizing them all. When I have a whackload of free time [read: never], I’ll be installing b2 on IJSM … and then I can move stuff back and forth, I think. If you see []… Continue reading Pulling It Together

Actual Content?

On the advice of my boy Indigo, I’m using b2 for this site. I think that I like it already. Of course, I don’t have the site looking anything like I’d like for it to look, but that’s irrelevant right now … at least to me. It’s time to start writing more deeply again.