Also Reloaded

Everything that used to be on Should be here. I’ll be consolidating a few other things here, too. At the end of the day, it didn’t make a lot of sense to have all the places to write that I did. So I’ve consolidated. I still have some work to do around here, but… Continue reading Also Reloaded

Google AdSense

You’ll note that there are now Google AdSense ads down in the footer. I’m trying to defray my server lease costs [which run about … ugh … $4000/yr], and subscription fees for the forums I run and sub-leasing space to friends isn’t defraying the full cost. [Not even close.] So sorry … you get ads.… Continue reading Google AdSense

WP v2.0.5

This is your standard “I’ve upgraded, please report bugs” post. And yes, I know about the ob_gzhandler issue, folks. It’s intermittent, and I haven’t even begun to have the time to debug.

Only One Hour of Downtime?

Don’t mind if I do. Happiness is a server with two functioning hard drives. In other fun news, STS-121 is now on for a 1 Jul launch, Ghana defeated the Czechs, and the U.S. is tied in the 35th minute with the Italians. Esta vida es buena.