Consolidation Was Inevitable.

First I got rid of, my first toe into having a Web presence. I first registered that domain 17 Jan 2001. A large part of the content on this site originally appeared there.

Then I used a .com for most of this space, and a .org with the idea that I’d write some code and give it away. For a while there, having a Web presence meant having a bunch of blogs. I think I got up to six before I started to pare down.

First was merged with, then the pair moved into the .com, and a new IJSM reborn; then was paired into the .com, and recently, the .com and .org were silently merged.

There was a time when all of this made sense in my head, but none of it does anymore. One place does.

I remember a conversation with the inimitable Noah Grey back in like 2003. He wisely said, “You may tire of that domain name”—meaning—”but you’ll never tire of being you.” He was right.

So it’s all here under one roof. I’ve mapped things over and left forwarding addresses. I’ll hold on to the domains given that they have my name and that I don’t want them poached by a spammer or used for weird purposes.

I’ve used this domain name as a home base in thousands of links since 2004 or so. It’s truly home. Welcome.

[Oh, who cares?]


My apologies if I’ve made everyone’s feed readers go wonky today. Every piece of content that used to be here should now be on I believe I’ve set up redirections for all old URLs as appropriate.

What’s going on here? Well, I’d like to have a place to write about management, now that I am management. So, um, this seems the appropriate place to write about it, right? And everything else, well, that all can just go in one collection spot.

So I’ll write more here soon. I have to work a couple other things before I can truly begin here …