Back in the Saddle

My story with manned spaceflight starts with my parents and older brother.  Both of my parents were in college in the 1960s, the heyday of the US manned space program.  In the span of time between the last few bits of Dad’s sophomore year in high school to his last year in graduate school, we went… Continue reading Back in the Saddle

ISS: TRON-ized

Check out Christoph Malin’s sweet TRON treatment of some ISS DSLR data. The little jutting platform that you see going to the left in the first frame—and you see it a lot—has a lot of the hardware that my friends and I worked on over the years. Of all of them, the Pump Modules for which I managed the cradle builds are the two boxes on the top of that External Stowage Platform, visible in multiple spots for the white blankets with two black racing (okay, alignment) stripes on them.

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Pulling Teeth with Rockets

I wholeheartedly approve of this approach. Bonus points for the Death Cab in the background. [HT to Spencer.]

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Merry Christmas

Forty years ago today, Earth got a sense of how small it was in the Universe. It had been a terrible year: The Tet Offensive, the assassination of MLK, and the assassination of RFK. [We wouldn’t know that Nixon would be an unmitigated disaster for a few more years yet.] And up until August of… Continue reading Merry Christmas

Obama and Manned Spaceflight

If I believe NPR’s David Kestenbaum—and I generally do—then Barack Obama’s views on manned spaceflight have cost him my vote. I recommend listening to the entire story, but the blurb listed on is very telling: Advocates of NASA’s plan to return to the moon are concerned that Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama has said… Continue reading Obama and Manned Spaceflight

Me and Atlantis

Me and Atlantis Originally uploaded by Geof F. Morris Well, this is as close as I’ll get to seeing Space Shuttle Atlantis lifting off. The Shuttle’s Engine Cut Off sensors—which NASA Administrator Mike Griffin has derisively referred to as “Launch Prevention Devices”—has again delayed the launch of STS-122, this time waving off the Saturday attempt.… Continue reading Me and Atlantis