Rick admitted it, and so will I:

I watch Big Brother on CBS.

Yes, sometimes, I hate myself for doing it.

It was funny, though, to find out that some of my closest friends watch it as well. I think we spent half of lunch that day talking about the show, purely because I felt a sense of freedom in admitting that I watched it.

I think I need professional help to get over my TV-watching guilt.

Either that, or I should just post my Season Pass list and get over it.


Because I’m about to go out of town, I went through my TiVo To-Do List and asked myself, “Okay, what of this should I delete?” I started by eliminating episodes of shows I’d already seen but hadn’t seen in the last 28 days.

After I finished, I realized that I’d deleted every single upcoming episode of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.

I promise you that I’m not obsessed. Okay, so I am. I love playing the SVU “Guess Who’s Going to Be Righteously Pissed Off!?” Game: watch the first five minutes of an ep of SVU and decide who’s going to get the most outrageously angry during the hour. Will it be:

  • Elliott?
  • Olivia?
  • Munch?
  • Tutuola?
  • Cragen?
  • Cabot?
  • Novak?

Sad thing is, I can tell from just watching the pre-opening credits scroll most of the time.

On the Top Five list of Detectives I’d Never Want to See Across the Table from Me in a Interview Room, Stabler and Tutuola are #1 and #1A. One of these days, some black, up-from-the-streets pedophile is going to piss Tutuola off, and just as you’re expecting Ice T to whup him good, Stabler’s going to come in like some sick tag-team clothesline and beat the guy’s head into the table until he passes out.

You just know this.

[Am I the only one that finds it amusing that Ice T is now playing a cop?]

Wanted: TiVo-like Service for XM Radio

Matt Haughey‘s wonderful PVRBlog pointed to an interesting piece today: “Ten things that Microsoft and TiVo must each do to win the living room” by Thomas Hawk.

One thing that is discussed: the ability to record radio shows. I think this would be very perilous for most of radio, but something that seems primed for such a service is XM Radio. As I noted in the comments on PVRBlog, XM routinely promotes shows well in advance of the actual air date, indicating that at least some of the shows are programmed far in advance. A nearly-always-on PARR would have to be used for request-oriented stations.

It’s something that would, I think, really have potential.

Disappointed with TiVo Home Media Music Streaming

When I first got my TiVo, I declined the Home Media option. I wasn’t even sure that I’d like the product, so I didn’t want to invest $50—or whatever the fee was then—more on a product I was unsure I’d use. That indecision paid off; while I really like TiVo and have since bought a second unit, I also got lucky, for TiVo rolled the Home Media service into the basic package for Series2 users. For once, being patient slacking off paid off for me.

For the last week or so, I’ve been making use of the digital music streaming options on the TiVo. I’ve got to say that I’m unimpressed. Here’s why:

  1. The unit has no native playlist functionality. You can’t build a playlist on the TiVo; you either load a pre-made playlist from your computer, or you listen album-by-album. That’s a big detriment, I feel; SlimDevices‘s old SliMP3 had this functionality years ago. [I should know; I’ve played with Jeff and Amy‘s unit more than once.]
  2. When MP3s are and .m3u playlists are present in a folder, the TiVo will include the playlist with the individual files and will not differentiate between the two filetypes. I’m having to go and delete my .m3u playlists from folders containing music just so my folder-based playlists don’t have twice the play time that they should, purely because you can’t say, “Play from the .m3u,” or “Ignore the .m3u.” That’s annoying.
  3. No support for album cover art that I can find. The Series2 TiVo has song, artist, and album information available at all times on-screen, but there’s no sign of the album cover art. You’d think that a visual medium would do something like that.
  4. No support for playlist export to HTML, pinging, etc. Admittedly, this is an advanced topic, but I’m kinda used to MP3 playlist export at this point.
  5. No *nix support for streaming with TiVo Publisher. This isn’t an issue for me, but it’s kinda curious that a company building their set-top box on top of Linux would support a Linux streaming service. :shrug:

I thought, for a while, that the Series2 TiVo would keep me from wanting to pick up a Squeezebox. Instead, it has only stoked the fires. I do have a working solution, though, so I’ll be able to forestall it for a while.

Denis Leary’s Rescue Me

As I posted on the .net forum, I think that Denis Leary’s Rescue Me is going to be a really, really good TV show. FX is airing it 3-4 times a week here in the first few weeks of the show to give non-TiVo users an opportunity to see it—probably betting on cashing in on buzz driving eyeballs—and if you like comedy/drama, it’s good stuff.

I watched the premiere of Rescue Me, and I think this is going to be a great show. There is language—what do you expect, Denis Leary’s involved!—but the storyline seems to be pretty good. The characters feel real, even if they’re quasi-stereotypical.

FX is showing the show 3-4 times a week for the first few weeks; I know they’re showing it tonight at 11e/10c/9m/8p. I’d give it a whirl if you like drama with comedic overtones.

Youth Week

It’s Youth Week at church, and as a result, I’ve cleared out a bunch of things on TiVo’s To Do List purely because I’m not going to care about my nightly recordings of Baseball Tonight, SportsCenter, or Outside the Lines Nightly. I’ll probably keep up with pulling Northern Exposure episodes off of the TiVo, purely because they’re “Keep Until I Delete” items that will push other stuff out of my recording queue, and that would be a Bad Thing™.

In other words, this week will be like my college days all over again—going straight from work to $extracurricular_activity with no stops in between, getting home after 2200 to do whatever I need to do before starting over again in the morning. It would be worse if I were going to Atlanta with the kids on Thursday and Friday, but unfortunately, I can’t get away from work right now.

If’n you’re trying to get in touch with me for the first half of this week, good luck. I’ll have one foot in the road the entire time.

Angel Watching

Last night, I caught up with where I started in watching Angel, thanks to TNT‘s broadcasts of the old episodes. Reading City of Angel pales in comparison to actually watching episodes.

The rewarding thing was not only closing the loop on most all the story arcs—I missed a couple eps in Season Four, and I’ve still not seen much of Season Five—but also in canning a Season Pass on my TiVo. I have like 20. I need professional help.

If you take away my Law & Order Season Passes, though, we are so throwing down.


As expected, I got my TiVo yesterday. As expected, I didn’t do a damn thing with it.

At 8:07 p.m. last night, I got notice that I wouldn’t get inputs until today. I have them now, and the second opinion that I’m getting for evaluations is in Florida working another program. Him being remote is making this fun, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

My patience for this vendor is wearing extremely thin. Ed had to tell me to cool off this morning, something he never has to say. :sigh:

TiVo #2 En Route

I will receive my second TiVo today; it’s presently out for delivery with UPS. I’d talked about buying another one and actually did so on Thursday.

That’ll be another device for the network. 😀

Unfortunately, I won’t get to play with it much, if at all, today; I don’t expect an input from one of my vendors until after normal business hours—they’re on the West Coast, and their comments during this morning’s telecon led me to believe that they’re going to sneak the document to us after hours, which means that I’ll be a bastard and goof off from 1700 until it gets here, just so I get a copy of it tonight!—and I’m going to take that home so I can review it tonight and be ready for the meeting in the morning. It’s all about not being the one holding up progress. The schedule hit that this particular program is going to take is particularly nasty, and we’re trying to stay out of the way of the hit.