(Re-)Presentation of Self

I was reading an invigorating [to me] interview with Adam Greenfield about his upcoming book, Everyware : The Dawning Age of Ubiquitous Computing, and I ran across two consecutive question-and-answer sets that made me really think about the danger of what we’re all doing here on the Internet: B&A: Then let’s talk about opting out.… Continue reading (Re-)Presentation of Self

How and Why I Use Last.FM

At the behest of David Thompson, I’m writing this entry on how and why I use Last.FM. How I Use Last.FM The how I use it comes down to a few mechanical things: I use the various iTunes plugins—the Windows version on my office PC, and the Mac version at home. I seed Last.FM with… Continue reading How and Why I Use Last.FM

Eating My Own Dog Food

Okay, it’s time to eat my own dog food. I’ve been openly campaigning for user-registration systems for logware for almost a year, and now that WordPress has an option for users to register themselves … so I’m going to enable it. I’m even going to take the Draconian step of requiring users to register to… Continue reading Eating My Own Dog Food

The Network Rules

It’s about using the network. I have become absolutely enthralled by Over the Rhine in the last week. As I’ve noted, I have Jeff Holland to thank for this. Let’s talk about how I got to this point with OtR. You know that I babble incessantly about this idea about the network helping you find… Continue reading The Network Rules

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Fora or Mailing Lists?

Alex asks a good question: should Internet-based software technical support and features discussion be offered via Web-based fora or mailing lists? My answers to him were: First: I’m a large fan of fora, and I run a rather large phpBB install. Unless a community develops around Tasks, it’s not going to be an issue for… Continue reading Fora or Mailing Lists?

More On Spamming

Let’s specifically address comment spam here for a moment, since that’s the topic du jour. Phil Ringnalda presents another view on TypeKey. I tried to avoid any one solution in yammering about spamming the other day, but TypeKey clearly was on my mind. Phil brings up a point that’s so painfully obvious that I feel… Continue reading More On Spamming

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On Spamming

Okay, let me state this more clearly than I did here: Comment spammers seek inbound links. Individual links have little value. Aggregated indivudal links have lots of value—presumably, lots of links for the same word are pointing at a source for a reason. [So goes the thumbnail sketch of Web search thinking.] Any system that… Continue reading On Spamming

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