Splogs, Spam Karma 2, and the Pingback Bonus

Lately, I’ve been seeing the same thing Alex has—comment spammers using pingbacks from splogs to evade most comment spam mechanisms. In particular, I’ve been getting a lot of spam from the maxblog.eu domain; tonight, I explicitly blacklisted this domain all over rmfo-blogs. Looks like Spam Karma 2 [at 2.3, anyway] sees the positive pingback, adds… Continue reading Splogs, Spam Karma 2, and the Pingback Bonus

Running WP 2.3

Holy architecture changes, Batman! 😀 I don’t think I’m still breaking anything here, but let me know if you think I am. Update, 1555 CDT: My apologies to the handful of subscribers of my comment feeds, who’re now seeing the effects of me using the BirdFeeder Pepper for Mint and the BirdFeeder WP plugin.


Thanks to a poke from Weblog Tools Collection, I’m using Mark Jaquith’s Clutter Free plugin for WordPress, and I like it. I don’t need a lot of the frippery that shows up on the Write Post page, man. Purportedly, I’ll get some bandwidth savings out of this … may come in handy when I’m next… Continue reading Clutter-Free

SK2: 260k Caught

Back in late June, I was at 100k spam stopped by Spam Karma. Now I’m at 260k. Things are definitely getting worse here, but I’m still withstanding the onslaught.

WP v2.0.5

This is your standard “I’ve upgraded, please report bugs” post. And yes, I know about the ob_gzhandler issue, folks. It’s intermittent, and I haven’t even begun to have the time to debug.