P: “It’s always dark in [my office].”

Me: “Juuuuust like I like it.”

P: “Maybe it’s because …”

Me: “I have a dark personality?”

P: “Maybe that’s it.”

Me: “You’re just now figuring this out?!”

Ain’t gonna lie. Mood improves with coffee, though. The sad thing is that I’m maximally productive at some level of irritation. The trouble is keeping from being so irritated that I go back down the curve …

Too Darn Hot

Too Darn Hot

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This is the temperature gauge on my WRX as I pulled into my driveway. It’s been 100F+ every day for a week, but this is the first time it’s been 104F after driving around for a bit and moving air across the thermometer.

I am so thankful that the air conditioner in my house is working. The system at work is unable to keep up with the thermal load being thrown at it: I start the day at 74F or so, and after noon, I’m above 80F. Suffice it to say that I come home sweaty every single day. Feh.

Now, it’s time to settle in and watch STS-118 go to orbit. My group at TBE built the carriers for Battery Charge/Discharge Unit and the Control Moment Gyroscope that are riding on the External Stowage Platform-3 at the rear of the Endeavour‘s payload bay. [If I lapse into acronym speak: TBE built the BCDU and CMG FSE flying on ESP3 attached to the ICC. 😉 ]

Go, Endeavour, go! I need something good today after an otherwise craptacular one.

“Sis. Boom. Baaa. What is the sound of a sheep exploding?”

I just freaked myself the hell out.

[phone rings]

Me: “Hey, Chris.” [ohnosecond] “Wait a minute, I don’t have caller ID. I have no idea if it’s Chris or not.”

Chris: “You don’t? Well, it is me.”

Me: “What the. That’s freaky.”

Chris: “That’s scarier than you normally are.”

Six days to vacation.

Corporate Press Release

Well, since Yahoo! has this, I guess it’s safe to post.

LOS ANGELES, California — April 16, 2007 — Teledyne Technologies Incorporated (NYSE:TDY) today announced that its subsidiary, Teledyne Brown Engineering, Inc., has been awarded a $5 million contract by the Cargo Mission Prime Contractor, Lockheed Martin, to manufacture Flight Releasable Attachment Mechanism (FRAM) carriers that are used to release payloads from the Space Shuttle Cargo Bay.

Under the contract, Teledyne Brown will build a Large Adapter Plate Assembly (LAPA) and multiple EXPRESS Pallet Adapters (ExPAs). The LAPA will be used to transport Large Orbital Replacement Units such as pump modules to the International Space Station (ISS). Because of their design, the LAPA and ExPAs allow robots to pick up and move the carriers without an astronaut leaving the ISS.

The scope of work includes precision machining of aluminum components and final assembly, system engineering and integration, quality assurance as well as safety and mission assurance. All of the hardware will be manufactured at Teledyne Brown’s facilities in Huntsville, Alabama.

“This contract is the result of a competitive procurement for hardware that fits well with Teledyne Brown’s experience and core capabilities,” said Robert Mehrabian, chairman, president and chief executive officer of Teledyne Technologies.

Teledyne Brown is one of two companies in the United States that has manufactured this hardware. Since 1999, the company has built 18 systems that include several versions of this hardware.

Teledyne Technologies is a leading provider of sophisticated electronic components, instruments and communication products, systems engineering solutions, aerospace engines and components and on-site gas and power generation systems. Teledyne Technologies has operations in the United States, the United Kingdom, Mexico and Canada. For more information, visit Teledyne Technologies’ website at www.teledyne.com.

Looks like good work to me … :mrgreen:

Fighting a Cold, Running Full-Steam Anyway

Well, I started coming down with a cold late last night. Joyous. I have been a one-man snot factory today. Hopefully none of my friends here picked this up from me at our gathering last night. [I was feeling kinda meh, y’all, but I thought it was a sinus infection and not a cold, and I really wanted to see everyone.]

In other news, things at work continue unabated. The week off was awesome, and I’m glad that I took it, because if I hadn’t, the crazy events of the last two days might have put me over the edge. [It’s all been good, very, very good. If this business is feast or famine, well … let’s just say that we have more leftovers than you did at Thanksgiving and Christmas combined. And no refrigerator. It’s cuh-razy, y’all.] As it is, my head’s still spinning, but it’s like, “Wow, this is nuuuuuuts.” In a good way.

Posting may be light while we absorb the glut and while I fight off the rhinovirus.

Holiday De-motivation

Time to go back to the well yet again: An Equation of Motivation.

This year, I have a pretty high c—things have been going well, even if I’m tired and frustrated—but my h factor is pretty high. [Especially as I think about work pretty often during non-work hours.] I’m sure that f is pretty high, too, because, well, I haven’t seen the folks in a while. [See also: busy with work.]

What about you?

You Know You’re in Alabama When …

… there are four people in a meeting, you’re the only male, and it’s the women who bring up the Iron Bowl.

This actually happened to me this morning. The discussion of whether Alabama should fire their coach went on for about three minutes, and, grinning, I finally piped up and said, “I’d like to note that I’m the only male in the room, and we’ve been talking football for the last five minutes.” We all broke up in laughter.

[Have I mentioned lately that I really genuinely like almost everyone I work with? That is so, so true of everyone in that room this morning. Good people who are very good at what they do—mostly, keeping me out of trouble.]

Workin’ for the Weekend

Well, tomorrow promises to be fun. The last of the three massive proposals that I’ve worked since August [with one week of a “break” in between … said break consisting of delivering one RFQ resposne and two ROM responses] finished printing [paper copies] and burning [CD-ROM] this afternoon, so we put one set into the hands of an overnight shipping company and another into my hands. Why me? Well, my Houston-based boss is an Auburn alum, and he drove over today to go to the game tomorrow. I’ll leave here around an hour before kickoff tomorrow [so as to miss all game-related traffic] and arrive around the middle of the third quarter or so with the proposal. I’ll cool my heels until the game is over, and then I’ll meet up with the boss and physically hand him the box-o’-proposal.

[We don’t mess around. Another option was putting me on a plane to deliver it in person; I’d carry the proposal on and check any baggage; the proposal is more important than any clothes I might lose, y’know?]

But really … I will get paid [time and mileage] to … drive my brand new car 500 miles. Said car is not supposed to be driven aggressively for the first 1,000 miles so as to allow time for the engine to wear normally before you drop the hammer with the turbocharger and hit 6,000 RPM in second gear getting up to speed on the on-ramp. [I mean, I won’t speed, but I’ll get up to speed quickly.]

Oh, break my heart. You want to pay me to drive the car that I’ve not had the time or energy to drive much since two weekends ago? Oh, okay. You have to twist my arm really, really hard … 😉

On Sunday, I’ve got church stuff, and after that’s done, I’m heading to Nashville to see MPJ and Sandra play at The Rutledge and also catch up with Joe Bassett. I rather doubt that any of my local people [that is, Rick or Jonathan] would want to go to a Sunday night show, but I’ll take riders if they want to come along. 😉

Of course, I have to hit the ground running back on Monday. But I’m ready to cut loose a little and get out of town. My little car hasn’t left Madison County yet!