A Big Dose of Ex-Lax, STAT!

The bureaucratic monster of TBE has gotten much larger since the last time I worked a commercial contract. Last time I took paperwork around to ship something to Canada to our customer, it took me an hour. At this rate, it’ll take me three days.

Please, a large laxative for the bureaucratic elephant so it can, uh, get off the pot!

Hello, Old Friend

Hutch came into my office this morning. “Geof, can you look up what these parts actually are?” I could: they were parts for Guigné, our Canadian customer.

I’m in shock: Space-DRUMS� appears to be back online. I … don’t quite know what to say. Space-DRUMS� soaked up my first year at work at TBE; in fact, the first file I created on a computer of my very own–which I got two years ago Monday, as well as a quarter of an office with my buddy Steve Greenleaf–was a file for the Canadians.

It’s just … ethereal. As Hutch said, “I feel a bit like Rip Van Winkle.”

Yay! I have good work to do again!