Enough with Reagan-philia!

It’s gone too far. It’s gone far too freakin’ far. George Will blasts the Reagan-philes in his usual erudite way. Mind you, I think pretty highly of Reagan–in my thought process that politicians should have a few simple, core beliefs that they govern from and never but never stray–but talk of putting a “Reagan Memorial”… Continue reading Enough with Reagan-philia!

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What the … [expletive deleted–this is a family site]. JPL’s new “neatness” policy has to be the biggest load of crap I’ve heard from NASA in ages. I mean, really. Engineers are more productive in messy environments. Why? They aren’t spending time cleaning up all the [-ed-] that Pointy Haired Bosses give to them! GAOHGOQIHEGOPQIE:OQHGOQIH!… Continue reading Faster…Cheaper…NEATER?!

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Happy Anniversary, STS and Vostok

Well, it’s 40 years since Vostok I, and 20 years since STS-1. To quote my friend Daniel: “Khruschev to Kennedy in 1961: ‘All your launchers are belongink to us.‘ ” -roflmaowtime-

Back Off!

Yeah, I’m going to do something with IJSM soon. There’s much news to be put up for you all to know about, especially with me leaving SGA. However, I’m here to bring up an interesting thread on /. I have been a significant participant–my nick is TOTKChief. It’s a pretty interesting read, really–though the comments… Continue reading Back Off!

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Sleep…Perchance to Dream

Well, I watched a little TV last night at Ralph’s mom’s apartment [she winters in Florida and summers in Chicago, which is probably a good idea, and she doesn’t come back to Chicago until mid-April, so I’m staying there], and then I woke up around 9:45 last night. I probably woke myself up snoring. =)… Continue reading Sleep…Perchance to Dream

Safe is the Wayward Traveler

I’ve just tried to calculate the number of hours between the present and my last decent sleep, but it’s not happening. =) Left Huntsvegas around 11:30 last night. Turned back at midnight when I realized I’d left my wallet. Got back on the road again for good around 1:00 a.m. Got to Nashville’s airport around… Continue reading Safe is the Wayward Traveler