-snort- -honk- -hack-

Sinus infections suck.

Well, I’m back above par, I guess. Amazing what saline nose spray, Tylenol, and beer will do for you!

Quiet day today…hopefully a quiet weekend, too. I need it–badly. Probably won’t happen, though. I do have competition for SGA President. Such fun–my fourth (and last) SGA campaign at UAH. Why do we get the results on Friday the 13th? Garh! =)

Well, I’ll have a decent site design this weekend, and then I have to get cracking on the campaign Web site. Until then, probably fewer posts.

Movin’ on up…

No, not a de-luxe apartment in the sky. I’m going to move back on campus into Southeast Campus Housing with Anthony. It’s cheaper, no bothering roommates for bill payments [ahem, Jared still owes me $20], and I’ll have a better feel for what’s going on on campus.

Hell, if we can convince Todd to stick, you know what will happen: GOALIE! Yeah, hockey. Be fun. Ass-crack-of-dawn hockey, baby. Nothin’ like it. Get my sorry butt back into shape, too. Then I can do my Olaf Kolzig impersonations…=)

Back to work, I guess. Actually getting somewhere today, as we’re shipping hardware. I gotta stay loose to pick up slack to get this bloody vacuum hose to the Japanese. Yeah, I’m being hosed by the Japanese. Heh. Heh. Heh.

McCain-Feingold: A Poor Solution to a Non-existent Problem

George Will has a great piece on the First Amendment, skirting McCain-Feingold. When will we get the facts, like spending per capita on campaigns last cycle was about $5? Please. We don’t need less money in politics; we do need better accountability. In principle, I suppport Chuck Hagel’s solution; I haven’t had the opportunity to pore over it as I’d like. Too busy with SGA stuff to look it over. Such is life.

Hark! It works!

Man, I’m getting the feeling that Victor Frankenstein had when he built his monster. =)

Too bad that I missed out on last night’s frivolity with the Geek Chicks. I awoke this morning to “1 missed call” on my cell phone…from Heather, about 10 p.m. Methinks she might have been calling to get me to go drinking with them. Meanwhile, I was blessedly in the arms of Morpheus…

Well, I’ve sent out this morning’s TOTK Today. Now, to play with Greymatter and get everything tweaked like I like it. Like Amy, I’m going “standards snob” on the base design for IJSM.

Of course, I think I’m going to have to have an entry to explain just what the hell IJSM is all about. Methinks that is going to require consulation with Dad and Doug.