My Two Favorite Albums of 2011

I didn’t procure many albums this year, given my un(der)employment. Most of what I got was purchased when I was working a little or far more often when people bought stuff for me and/or gave me Amazon gift certificates. ((You know who you are. Thank you.)) Still, I don’t have a ton of new music this year. I only have two albums that I dearly love: Adele’s 21 and Josh Garrels’s Love & War & the Sea in Between, which I wrote about back in July. There’s not much for me to say about 21 that hasn’t been said better by others. I will say that “Someone Like You” makes me sad because of how co-dependent it is. “One and Only” is a killer torch song and is the best track for my money.

Given that you can still get L&W&tSiB for free, go spend $10 and get two great albums. Go on.

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