My CC in Philly Trip as a Mastercard Commercial

Tank of gas to drive to and from Nashville: $45
Round trip ticket to PHL from BNA: $203
Nine hours of a rental car [a Saturn VUE, which drove like a wounded manatee compared to my WRX … DO NOT WANT]: $93, including refueling
Philly cheesesteak: FREE, but only because Gary bought my dinner. [Great to meet everyone on that trip, but I won’t lie, I really wanted to finally meet Gary and his wife.]
Number of hours slept from Saturday morning forward until Monday evening: 6.5
Number of hours slept on airplanes: 2.5
Number of hours slept in the breezeway outside Terminal D at PHL: 0.5
Number of hours slept on Monday night before waking up, unable to return to sleep, leading me to come out here and blog this: 5
Number of times I have cursed the inability to sleep until my 0545 alarm: 9 (so far)
Number of week taken off of my life as a result of this trip: Unknown, but probably six
Hearing Derek and Danielle power through “Climb On (A Back That’s Strong)”: PRICELESS

That was fun, but I really don’t want to do it again anytime soon. But like Bryan said in a forum post yesterday: if that’s the last Caedmon’s Call show I ever see, I can die a happy man.

[Yes, I recorded it. Yes, I’m releasing it. This is just a busy week.]

15 Hours in Philadelphia

I’ve had a lot of fun conversations this week [and it’s just Tuesday]. My favorite was today with my boss.

“Oh, hey, I’m gonna be late on the 25th.”

“What is that?”

“Monday, the week we ship [the hardware job we’re shipping on Friday that week].”

“Oh, I don’t think that’ll be a big deal. Where ya gonna be?”

“Well … I’ll start the morning in Philadelphia, and I’ll be in Nashville by 0815 and here by 1030 or so.”

And the fun thing is that my boss didn’t even bat an eyelash. He … well, he knows I’m insane.

Indeed, I am: after two hockey games that weekend, I’ll drive to Nashville Sunday morning, hop a plane to PHL, land, get a rental, drive almost to Trenton, New Jersey, watch Caedmon’s Call in concert [and hang out with Bryan and Mark, which is reason enough to go in and of itself], chill with the band after the show, then mosey back down to PHL and fly home first thing Monday morning.

Won’t be the first time I’ve grabbed a little shuteye at an airport before winging my way back home and then to the office.

Yeah, I’m insane. But this is how I roll. [And I have new camera equipment to roll with! My Canon EF 28mm f/2.8 showed up yesterday, and my EF 85mm f/1.8 USM arrived today. My mics show up, well, whenever Sound Professionals gets off their duffs and ships it to me.] And yes, I’ll have more equipment than other baggage.


One of my photos from Derek’s show at the Exit/In back in May is now a part of Schmap’s guide to the venue. Why? Well, all my photos are Creative Commons-licensed as Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike.

That said, I’ve had no problems with photos being used in quasi-commercial work; not only has Bryan used photos of mine in layouts for [] and [], but Andrew used one of my photos for the link to the [] forum that he has on his sidebar. And if someone wanted to use one of my works commercially, well, I’d do it for a fee. 🙂

I feel like I’m starting to find my way with my photography, although concert photography is really still the only thing that really cranks my tractor. Last night, I dumped the photos off of my camera from last Saturday night’s DW show, and I was really happy with what I was seeing come out from the thumbnail view, which I hardly ever am. I guess Understanding Exposure took a little for me.

I Can Stop Sitting on this Now


Originally uploaded by Geof F. Morris.

It wasn’t the best-kept secret ever, but … Derek Webb recorded with Caedmon’s Call for their upcoming album.


I took a bunch of photos when I was in the studio, and they’re available in a photoset on Flickr. But Derek and Andy, together? This is a beautiful sight to my eyes. It’s great to see this, for me. You may not feel the same way, and you know … that’s okay with me.

19 Apr 2007 DWebb Photos Online


Originally uploaded by Geof F. Morris.

Well, as I’m doing 24 Hours of Flickr, my mind is on photos, so I took some time to sort photos for the 19 Apr 2007 Derek Webb show down in Birmingham.

I love that the UCF House had some color-changing on their lighting system—it gave me reason to take more photos than I might normally take. I love how the blues and the greens came out in this set. Now if I’d only had a 105mm lens, I might have had some even better shots … ah well.

Darlene’s Last Days

What a day.

Woke up, went to hit Pancake Pantry with Andy O. Can’t raise Andy on the phone. [No big.] See the Sunday-morning-level line outside, decide to bolt. Hit Cracker Barrel at, amusingly, the exit right by Osenga’s house. Fuel up on Southern breakfast, hit the road.

Now, the truck had been a little hard to start the last couple of days, and I was also hearing some belt squeal—but only very, very intermittently and for very short periods. No worries, really.

Around mile marker 30 on I-65 southbound, any additional current draw—such as running my wipers—drops off the XM Radio. My brain starts to think, “Alternator issues,” as I’d just had those back in August. I say to Bryan, “Okay, we’re going to take a detour on our way down. We have plenty of time, and I want to get this checked out.” He agrees, as we do have lots of time.

11:58. We past Exit 22 at Pulaski, TN. My battery light comes on. “Alternator issues, I say.” I crest the ridge past the exit. I glance at my temperature gauge. Holy shit! I hit the heater and crack my window, slowing the vehicle. It continues to spike, I pull onto the shoulder. I shut down the engine, come to a stop, and … GOOSH! Steam. Not knowing that it’s only steam, I tell Bryan to grab everything valuable and throw it in the bed of the truck, and we do. After a minute or two, it’s clearly coolant containment loss. :sigh:

I call my insurance company to have them get me a wrecker. The wrecker comes after a half-hour wait, and we get to his shop. Hearing my symptoms, the mechanic checks … no alternator belt. It clearly broke off without us noticing, which caused all the issues. How is this related to the coolant? The same belt also turns the water pump. No circ, no activce cooling, and … BLAMMO. Mechanic fixes belt, thinking that this is the only issue, and it’s just and overflow or something. [Given how it spouted steam, I thought that perhaps a hose let go.] After more work, he finds the culprit … a crack in the radiator, one that has clearly grown significantly as it has cooled. Bryan has photos.

So, when it was the belt, I thought I was home free … I’d get it fixed, take the bill to the people who just did that work 60 days ago, and demand an explanation and compensation. I’ll still be doing that, but …

New tires.
New battery.
New alternator.
New radiator.

This truck is wearing out.

I’m fixing the truck to improve its resale value [a running truck beats a non-running truck], and … I expect to not drive it more than 7-10 days longer.

The radiator wasn’t in stock in Pulaski, so the truck is there, and we rented a car and came on to Birmingham. We’re now in Cullman, having driven most of the way home so that we can have it easy in the morning. I’ll drive Bry to the airport, head in to the office, do a few things, then head back to Pulaski and settle up on the truck and get it back to Huntsville [and the rental back in under 24 hours].

:sigh: Good show, though.

Day One

Well, it’s been a fun day so far. We got out of town late [not gonna talk about that, because it’s boring and confidential anyway]. Got to Nashville a little after 1:00 p.m., hit up the Osenga, met up with him, Randall Goodgame, and Jeremy Casella for lunch at Monell’s. Frankly, it’s ten hours later and I’m really not that hungry. It was … AWESOME. Family-style dining, and really good Southern food. [Thankfully, my cardiologist doesn’t read this blog. And yes, Mom, I ate plenty of veggies.]

The afternoon was spent with the lovely Katy Bowser, where I shot some photos that she might end up using on her site. Good times.

After that, Bry and I met up with Casella again at Bongo Java East and shot the breeze over some coffee. I would love to encapsulate that conversation, but it was so wide-ranging that I’d never attempt it. Afterwards, Jer played some of his new disc, which is gonna own. Seriously. This is not the music that you expect from Casella.

We’ve driven around a while, but now we’ve landed at a Nashville spot for a beer with Mr. Webb. Enjoying the wireless and the company, although Derek just busted me for blogging instead of talking. [But to be fair, it was him and Bry talking until Erica called.] Crazy day, and the night is still young!

One Last Road Trip

I’m fairly sure that this will be the last overnight trip I do anywhere in 2006 outside of the holidays, so I’m looking forward to it. Despite running [] for four years [and working for the band for a few months, Bryan has never been to Nashville. For shame! So, we are rectifying that situmation, heading up to Nashvegas today and down to Birmingham tomorrow to cause trouble when Derek Webb and Don Miller get together. We have the most tentative of plans, and we’re just gonna roll with it and have a great time.

Okay, time to get moving this morning…