The GEOFCON System

We’ve all heard of DEFCON, right? The DEFense readiness CONdition rating system? If not, go check that link. I’ll wait.

Now, DEFCON goes from 5 [copacetic] to 1 [thermonuclear war]. Sometime recently on Twitter, maybe the last few weeks, I jokingly started referring to the GEOFCON system to gauge my mood/relative irritation at [colleagues|subordinates|support organizations|customers|NASA]. GEOFCON 5 is a normal, happy, easy-going time. Most of you would look at GEOFCON 5 and hate it, but I like the frenetic pace of what we do, and most of the time, I handle it.

But sometimes … well, sometimes, people start fucking up, and I get mad.

I have only been to GEOFCON 1 twice. The first time was in October. The second time was today. I’m really glad that it happened at the end of the day, because I didn’t get an opportunity to find out who’d screwed up. I … didn’t need the confrontation, because I was out of control.

Right now, I’m about a GEOFCON 3. I’m agitated. I’m gonna sleep like crap tonight. But hey … we have hockey on Friday night, and this means I’ll probably have some especially fine commentary for our referees. 🙂